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A rare opportunity is open in 2015 for your museum to host The Eye of Napoléon at a special offer before the exhibition travels to Europe and Asia. The collection premiered at the National Geographic Museum in Washington, D.C., and has since been hosted by prestigious venues in the United States, Canada, and Colombia in South America, where it has been visited by millions of art, history and military aficionados.

A renowned Napoléonic authority, Mr. Pierre-Jean Chalençon of Paris, France, has assembled one of the world’s finest and most comprehensive private collections of the Napoléonic era. The Eye of Napoléon features more than two hundred objects that highlight Napoléon’s worldwide influence in the arts, architecture, science, government and law.

Dr. Bernard Chevallier, former Director and Curator of the Château de Malmaison, exhibition curator, has described the works as representing France’s finest artists and craftsmen. They include creations by Canova, Gérard, Houdon, Prud’hon, Gros and David as well as the grand luxury houses of France, such as Sèvres and Aubusson. To reflect the multifaceted nature of Napoléon’s interests and commissions, the exhibition spans a wide range of media that include paintings, drawings, sculptures, porcelain objects, silverware, books and exceptional jewelry. These were the masterpieces of Napoléon’s First Empire, created in a style that is known today as the Empire Style.

Napoléon Bonaparte, most renowned for his military leadership, was also one of the era’s most important and influential patrons of the arts. The Eye of Napoléon takes a deeper look into the Emperor’s impact on the art and tastes of his time. It does so through the lens of the Emperor’s personal life and the lavish gifts he bestowed upon those whom he loved and respected. This exhibition allows us to see Napoléon the collector, Napoléon the arts patron and Napoléon the dutiful son, the loving husband and the generous benefactor of a large and extended family.

You will be overwhelmed by the splendor and fine craftsmanship of the objects, which, although of the highest museum quality, in fact come from one of the world’s most stunning and complete private collections.

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Organized with Chalençon Collection, curated by Bernard Chevalier, designed by Didier Blin

If your venue books The Eye of Napoléon, you will be eligible to select up to two individuals or benefactors from your museum to enjoy a free stay in Paris’ renowned Quartier du Marais at the Hotel au Vieux Paris with a private tour of Mr. Chalençon’s Collection, and a tour of the Château de Malmaison outside of Paris led by former Director and Curator Dr. Bernard Chevallier.

As early as November 2014 through 2015
Rental fee for a 12-week booking:  $150,000 (discounted from $195,000 for 2014-2015 bookings).
Rental fee includes fine art insurance and team installation-deinstallation costs.
In-bound shipping not included

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