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Coach Mom Newsletter - DEC 2012

Seven Ideas for Sharing God's Love This Christmas Season

I have always desired to come up with ways to help my family have the right perspective on Christmas. I want us to have the chance to serve out of gratitude of God’s great gift, sharing the joy of the message of Christ’s birth. But when my children were small, I felt like I was more trouble than I was worth if I showed up to help with all my little ones in tow. Acts like serving meals to the homeless were out of the question at that point.

Following are seven ideas to share the joy of Christmas that I think that families with children of almost any age can do. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these ideas, especially if you can express to recipients along the way that you are remembering the birth of Christ this way – “He came to bring us his gift and we wanted to bring you a gift at Christmas.” Pray and ask the Lord what He would have you do to share His love this season. Perhaps it might be one of these:

  1. Make cards and deliver them to the homebound, widows, or residents of nursing homes. These people rarely get to see children, so a visit from a child is a gift in and of itself. A hug or a handshake gives them a touch many are so desperate to have. Singing a Christmas carol is icing on the cake (they don’t care how it sounds.) And as they enjoy the cards after their visitors are gone, it reminds them that they were not forgotten during the holidays.

  2. If sending out family Christmas cards, add to the list five new names of people who especially need encouragement this season. It might be someone who lost a family member this year and will have their first Christmas without their loved one. Or it might be a recent divorcee, someone in for an extended hospital stay, or a family going through hard financial times. Say a prayer for them as you write their card and let them know you are praying for them. A note on the refrigerator might even be a reminder to pray for them daily the entire month of December.

  3. Provide money for your children to give. Give children elementary-aged or older a certain amount of money, whether it is $10 or $30, and challenge them to pray daily about who the Lord might lead them to give it to. This is a great lesson in the way Christ-followers should always live – knowing the Father owns everything, and provides resources for his children to be generous with others.

  4. Host a “Cookie Decorating Party with a Twist”. Invite neighbor children over to decorate gingerbread cookies and hear the Christmas story. Resources such as the interactive nativity set What God Wants for Christmas (FamilyLife Publishing, 2005) might serve as a guide for telling the Christmas story while sharing that God wants to have a relationship with everyone.

  5. Participate in the Prison Fellowship Angel Tree ® Program. This program works through families in churches to provide Christmas gifts for local children of prisoners. Prison Fellowship staff work with prisoners, collecting names and addresses of their children. Church volunteers then call the homes and ask for specific gift needs or wishes – usually one item of clothing and one toy – of each child. This program builds up the relationship between the prisoners and their children because the gifts are presented as from the absent parent. It also provides a way to share the Gospel with hurting families, and serves as an example of Christ’s love to the parents behind bars. To learn more: http://www.prisonfellowship.org/programs/angel-tree/.

  6. Give a gift to an impoverished family in a third world country. Better yet, give that gift in the name of a friend or relative. Organizations such as World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization, make it easy to do. Catalogs and websites list giving options, such as two chickens for twenty-five dollars that provide eggs or five fruit trees for $30. Also, two rabbits for $32, which can easily produce 50 rabbits to eat in only a year. Smaller ticket items are also available, such as fast-growing, drought-resistant seeds for one family for $17. Encourage children to pick something they can personally give, using money they have earned from chores or their allowance. Corporate donations allow gifts to be multiplied as much as twelve times for items such as new clothes. That means a $35 donation to World Vision equals $420 worth of new clothing for needy children worldwide. Click here to donate at WorldVision.com.

  7. Invite friends to join your family on Christmas Day. Christmas can be one of the loneliest times for those unable to be with their own families. As newlyweds, Chris and I lived more than one thousand miles away from our parents and siblings and were unable to travel that year. December days passed and the reality that we would be away from our families for the first Christmas was depressing. A dear family from our church asked us to join them that day. Though we shared only a few hours with them that day, we were thrilled to be a part of their family gathering. The highlight was the Christmas story reenacted by the grandkids.

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Keep Jesus the Focus this Christmas


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Merry Christmas from the Stulls

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