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2014 International Pathfinder Camporee - Newsletter

January, 2011

International Camporee iPhone App


The 2014 Forever Faithful International Pathfinder Camporee App is here!

Providing you with directions, promotions, a fully editable menu, and a way to contact us directly, this is just the first of four phases for the International Camporee iPhone App!

Get your 2014 International Camporee iPhone app by searching for "camporee" in iTunes.


Introducing . . .


The Center for Youth Evangelism welcomes

  • Cyril Millet, Ontario Conference Youth Director, as the 2014 International Camporee Security/Medical Director
  • Kathy Rowe & Mike Rowe, from the Iowa-Missouri Conference, as the 2014 International Camporee TLT Coordinators

For more information about these and other team members, visit the Camporee Administration page.

Win 20 Free Tickets


For every 2,014 International Camporee tickets that are purchased, there will be a drawing for 20 free tickets*. The first drawing will take place once we have sold the first 2,014 tickets. The second drawing will take place once 4,028 tickets have been purchased and will include only those who have purchased tickets since the previous drawing, and so on. Each club can win only once. The drawings will end once registration has closed (March 1, 2014).

Don't miss your chance to win. Purchase your tickets now!

*Winners of each drawing will receive 20 free 2014 Forever Faithful International Camporee tickets that they may use for their club or sell to other clubs. Tickets cannot be split up among different clubs. All tickets must be used by a single club, or sold/given to another club.

2014 Forever Faithful Camporee Video


View this video on the Camporee website.