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September 2015

This is the first newsletter we’ve issued in a while and we’re happy to be back in contact with you!  During past months, the Innovative Polymers team has been busy developing new, improved additions to our existing product lines.

We’ve also expanded our reach to serve challenging markets with polyurethanes for pipeline pigs and blow-out preventers, mining equipment components and protective linings.

Bill Molitor

Driving our exciting new directions is Bill Molitor who has returned to Innovative Polymers after a brief absence.  As Director of Sales and Marketing, Bill will be working hard to maximize the support and product information available to existing customers and inquirers.  He’ll also work on optimizing delivery lead times and will be developing and strengthening our distributor network.  The goal:  to provide you with ever-improving service!

Mercury-free Polyurethanes

Innovative Polymers continues to be at the forefront of polyurethane elastomer manufacturers who formulate MOCA-free products that meet and exceed the latest environmental safety and toxicity regulations.  We hold a unique position as one of the first companies to produce cost-effective polyurethanes that have consistent, predictable handling characteristics. Most of our casting materials cure at room temperature or can be post-cured at temperatures around 150˚F for projects requiring faster part turnaround.  Parts molded from MOCA-free Innothane® polyurethanes are known for long-term performance in the field without deteriorating, even when exposed to abrasion, gouging, heat, ultra-violet light and more.

New InnoTuf® High-performance Polyurethanes

Tough InnoTuf® HP-2100 series polyurethanes are specially designed to resist gouging and cutting and exhibit excellent abrasion resistance.  The high-performance materials are ideal for forming protective linings on parts such as metal chutes, screens, pumps and valve bodies.  The InnoTuf® systems are also well suited for casting impellers as well as load-bearing conveyor rollers and flexographic printing rollers.

Innovative Polymers HP-2100 line of materials are formulated without mercury and contain neither MOCA nor free-TDI.  The product family comprises:

  • Shore A Hardness Systems:  Three light-amber and six amber-colored polyether polyol/polyurea hybrid elastomers have Shore A hardnesses ranging from 20+/-5 to 90+/-5.  With gel times as fast as 15 +/-5 minutes or as long as 25 +/- 5 minutes, the elastomers are easy to cast for projects of all sizes.  The Shore A systems have elongations from 150 to 600% and tear strengths from 30 to 465 pli.

  • Shore D Hardness Systems:  Three amber-colored, ultra-tough polyether polyol/polyurea hybrid elastomers feature Shore D hardnesses of 50+/-5, 60+/- 5 and 70+/-5.  Gel Times, like the Shore A products, are in the 15 to 25 +/-5 minute range.  The polyurethanes are durable with tensile strengths up to 5,000 psi and tear strengths from 420 to 800 pli. Two of the Shore D systems have taber abrasion values of 31-32 mg loss; one has a taber abrasion of 50 mg loss.

Troubleshooting Tips

Customers often call asking us why the polyurethane they’re using seems to darken in color as it ages.  This type of problem can often be prevented if special care is taken when handling the elastomer.

We often confront discoloration in high-performance polyurea/polyurethane hybrid systems that are formulated using amine curatives, such as:

  • InnoTooling™ IE-644 and IE-9000 series moldmaking materials

  • InnoTuf ® TP series, high-impact strength polyurethanes

  • RapidVac™ VA series materials for vacuum-assisted casting

This color change is often attributed to ultra-violet degradation, but it can also result from oxidation that occurs when the material is exposed to air.  Read more then link to full article.  For example, InnoTuf ® TP 4007 resin and hardener are light amber in color when manufactured and supplied to customers.  However, once the container of hardener is opened, it must be blanketed with dry nitrogen and tightly resealed to preserve the color.  Dry nitrogen produces a barrier that protects the material from oxygen and moisture in the air and thereby eliminates oxidative reactions which can cause discoloration.  If the material is not blanketed, it will begin to darken; this change in color will deepen as air exposure continues.
In cured, pigmented parts, a similar discoloration may be noticed on surfaces as they age.  For example, a prototype cast from InnoTuf ® TP 4007 polyurethane that has been pigmented to a light gray color may turn green after exposure to ultra-violet light and the oxidizing effects of air.  When finished parts must retain a specific color, painting may be more desirable than pigmentation.

Prototypes to Production Polyurethanes

Innovative Polymers manufactures a broad variety of products to handle the toughest challenges that confront our customers.

Inno-Tuf® TP-4050 polyurethane was selected to mold 150 Powerade drink carriers used on during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Soccer Tournament.  The durable material was used to quickly mold multiple parts that provided the impact and flexural strengths needed to endure rough handling.

Specially formulated Inno-Tuf® polyurethanes are also used worldwide for casting pipeline cleaning pig cups and discs.  The unique materials double the service life of conventional materials providing the durability required even when exposed to oil, gas and abrasion.

Inno-FR™ flame-retardant polyurethanes produce functional parts for low-volume production of electronic equipment components and housings.  The ultra-durable elastomers combine ease of casting, fast curing, high-strength and excellent dimensional stability.  Many Inno-FR™ polyurethanes meet UL 94-V-O requirements.

Whatever your project, call us today!  Innovative Polymers polyurethanes offer a full range of handling and performance characteristics to meet virtually any requirement.

For more information please contact Marianne Harris, marianne@innovative-polymers.com, 1-989-224-9500.