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The Roadhouse Report - The Official Dana Stabenow Newsletter

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

By the Shores of the Middle Sea

Today the second volume of the Silk and Song Trilogy, By the Shores of the Middle Sea, publishes in e! Look out below, e-books awaaaaaaay-----------



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Meanwhile, back at the e-book ranch...

Everything Under the Heavens

...the first volume of Silk and Song, aka Everything Under the Heavens, is on sale in e for $4.99. Buy links below, and you're welcome.


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Another book in French with MY NAME ON IT!!!

With words I actually wrote myself inside.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the French edition of Restless in the Grave, aka Kate 19, landed in my mailbox last Thursday. [Squee!] [Sorry, couldn't help myself.]

My wonderful French publishers, DelPierre, sent me seven copies. You know I don't like books sitting around unread, so I'm giving six of them away to the first six librarians with French-reading patrons who email me their name, their library's name and their address.

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