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The right to feel safe and comfortable

Respect Victoria ad

Unwanted male attention is a big deterrent to women and girls walking and using public transport. Our 2017 survey of 1000 young Victorians found only 15% of females aged 15-20 felt safe walking at night, compared to 54% of males. The results were in line with the Better Life Index where Australia has the greatest gender difference in feeling safe among 35 OECD countries. Only women in Chile, Mexico and Hungary felt less safe walking alone at night. Why?

As this article points out Australian women have much more reason to fear cars than they do strangers. But the fear of being attacked or harassed in public space clearly prevents many women and girls from walking - for health, for transport and for enjoyment. 

The teenagers we surveyed identified cat-calling as among behaviours making them feel vulnerable. We believe this aspect of Australian culture should be challenged, so we're pleased to see the Victorian Government take a lead with its latest ad campaign. Streets, parks and transport free of intimidation will result in more people walking (and the more people walking, the safer we all feel!) Share the ad on Facebook or YouTube to prompt discussion about the impact of harassment.

For the love of Autumn

Well it may have been Melbourne's driest start to a year on record but that didn't dampen (or should we say 'drain'?) our appreciation for the beautiful hues of Autumn.

We received nearly 100 entries for our April photo competition before the Sunday 28th deadline. Now comes the hard part: picking a winner! We'll curate our favourite entries into a gallery on our Facebook page so be sure to 'Like' your favourites between May 2nd and May 6th to vote for the 'People's Choice' winner!

Now, for the sake of our trees, let it rain.

Victoria Walks photo competition

Free class: active travel to school success strategies!

It was so popular last year we're again running our workshop on strategies to get more children walking, scooting and riding to school. This hands-on workshop for local council and community health staff will use peer-to-peer learning and feature local success stories, solutions to common challenges and  strategies to sustain active travel.

The workshop will run on Thursday 16th May in Melbourne. Click the date to register or share details with your networks. This event is supported by VicHealth and hosted by the Municipal Association of Victoria.

Elena pic Teacher

Victoria Walks' walks of the month

Which great walks did we discover this April?

Blackburn Creeklands

Things we liked in April!

Flash mob Melbourne Djembe

Those walking past Southern Cross train station earlier in April may have been lucky enough to catch this amazing flash mob, put together by the talents at Melbourne Djembe dance school! The joy felt by participants and passers-by is palpable! We shared the rehearsal video - so you can instigate your own flash mob? Or, watch the final event (pictured above) on YouTube.

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