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Trojan Horse Interiors Trojan Horse Interiors

Trojan Horse Interiors are a dynamic team of experienced commercial interior designers and construction managers providing services in all aspects of office interiors since 1991. We specialise in locating, designing, constructing and maintaining outstanding commercial interiors and have included you in this correspondence due to our previous contact, or thought you may find it of interest. If you do not wish to continue receiving these emails, simply select the unsubscribe button below.

Bold colours create a feeling of energy.

"Located at the far end of the tenancy, the staff breakout creates a totally different feel to the rest of the office, providing staff with a break in the true sense of the word.  Bold colours are repeated in the design of the kitchen storage, island bench and feature ceiling, creating a feeling of energy.   Feature splash back lighting creates a feeling of depth while mid grey horizontal surfaces help to reduce the repeated cleaning normally required."

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Local products and sustainable materials.

"In addition to gyprock partition cut-outs, frosted film and coloured graphics help to create intermittent privacy and vision while breaking up large expanses of existing blue carpet.  Taking advantage of the natural light, the open plan fit-out was carefully designed to sustainably minimise the addition of extra lighting within the open area.  Careful consideration also allowed local products and sustainable materials to be sourced, taking into account their future impacts and producing a sustainable tenancy fit-out where possible."

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Organic, clean, welcoming and relaxed.

 "The reception area features blonde timber veneer for the counter, feature wall and timber floor; laying the foundations to a clean, welcoming and relaxed space.  Warm ambient lighting is emitted from the organically shaped bulkheads and a Marc Pascal custom made pendant introduces splashes of colour to the otherwise neutral space.  These colours provide a link to the client’s new corporate colours and form an introduction to the overall scheme of the tenancy." 

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Unify the work team and facilitate interaction.

 "After time spent in a segregated full height office environment, our client sought to unify the work team and facilitate interaction between staff.  Partners and managers were positioned around the perimeter to maintain a degree of privacy while general workstations were clustered into working teams in the core of the tenancy.  Natural light and views to the outside environment were an important factor, achieved by using a low height screen system and cutting feature shapes thorough full height gyprock walls in the passageways."

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