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Oil-fired boilers to be banned in Brussels from 2025

The installation and marketing of oil-fired boilers will be banned in Brussels from 2025 (2035 in Wallonia and Flanders). Don't panic, as you can continue to use your current boiler beyond 2025, but if you need to replace it, you will have to think about an alternative...

> Here are the alternatives to fuel oil for heating your home
> What should I do with my oil tank if I switch to natural gas?

Do you need a bit of help choosing your next boiler?

Has your current boiler run its course? Then it is time to replace it. Did you know that you can achieve up to 30% energy savings with a new boiler?

> Discover how to choose your boiler like a pro!

Solar panels: maximise your daytime consumption

Your solar panels produce energy during the day. So it is in your interest to increase your daytime consumption and decrease your night-time consumption. This will reduce your energy bill.

> Here are some tips for optimising the energy produced by your solar panels

Is it possible to have a heat pump (PAC) in an apartment?

We talk a lot about heat pumps in houses, but what about apartments? Can you heat your apartment with a heat pump? It is possible, but you have to take note of a few criteria...

> Discover the information you need to consider for a heat pump in an apartment

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