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The City of Vincent, The Beaufort Street Network and the community have been busy popping up a People Space for you!  The Piazza will be in place for 2 weeks and there is a great programme to enjoy!  Pop in to our pop up Piazza soon!

Have your say!

We need to know what you think!  If you like the Mary Street Piazza and you want to see this sort of initiative in Beaufort Street then please follow the online comment link to the City of Vincent below.  It will take only 2 mins of your time but will benefit the street for decades!  This Piazza space is all about PEOPLE Space.  A place to meet, relax, enjoy, chill, eat lunch, play with the kids, interact, have a coffee.  A place to experience.  We love it!  We hope you do too.  Let us know your thoughts.

Online Comment Link {here}

Piazza planning!

Rolling out some turf!

Pole Pizzazz at Piazza!

Piazza Poles!

Local Artist Mel McVee from The Laneway Collective wrapping those poles with gusto!


A VERY very cool coming together!  The lovely ladies from The Victoria Park Collective and The Laneway Collective gave up their time and talents to help us decorate the Piazza! Check out their facebooks for more info on the 12 little things initiative - community helping community - turn about each month for 12 months!  

One of our Networkers having his say!

Scrabble dabble!

Piazza perfect!

Waiting for you to sit down!

Prams popping in!

Despite the rain!  Locals are embracing the space in a coffee and company kind of way! These ladies and their very cute bubbys often meet at Hyde Park early on Saturday mornings, but this week loved the idea of meeting closer to the coffee on Beaufort!  


Some of the locals are just doing it for themselves and popping in, in their own sweet way.  Loving seeing these artists creatively using the space.  For those who want to enjoy seeing, not doing, check out the Piazza programme below put together by the City of Vincent for the next few days.  More to come later!

Piazza programme

A timetable for your enjoyment for the next few days!

Tuesday 29th          

  • 4pm-6pm     |  Busking from Sam Stopforth 

Wednesday 30th                                                                     

  • 10.30am      |   Mums & Bubs yoga 10.30am
  • 4pm-6pm     |  Busking from Lauren O’Hara 

Thursday 31st       

  • 6pm-8pm     |  Busking from Reilly Craig 

Friday 1st               

  • Evening performance | Kurbist Gong band 

Saturday 2nd

  • 10am- 1pm  |   Petting Zoo
  •   8am-12pm |   School BBQ
  • 10am-11am |   Community Engagement Session - please note this is your chance to say what you like and don't like and what ideas you have for a future permanent Piazza.
  • 12pm-3pm   |   Elmars BBQ
  •  1pm-3pm    |   Busking Lauren O'Hara
  •  4pm-6pm    |   Busking Oliver Halvorsen                                                                                                                                                               

We think it is.....

See you there!