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IPO Offer: irexchange Limited

irexchange Limited aims to profoundly change the way that the wholesale model works in the independent retail market. Since its inception, it has successfully commercialised and now trades in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and Australian Capital Territory with over 170 suppliers and 600 retailers onboard. 

irexchange is a disruptive technology platform and next-gen distribution business that aims to deliver fairness, transparency and efficiency to several traditionally wholesaler dominated industries, especially the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry.

irexchange enables retailers and suppliers to transact between themselves efficiently and transparently, lowering operating costs and enabling fulfilment through an efficient, technology-driven digital market place and supply chain platform.

irexchange's distribution model removes the costs of conventional wholesalers and delivers price transparency to both retailers and suppliers across a wide range of segments in grocery, frozen, produce, liquor and pharmaceuticals. 


• Established, disruptive FMCG player in Australia within 2 years – significant entry into multi-FMCG channels, recognised as a disrupter in the market.

• International, blue chip supplier base & partnerships – Growing supplier base of 170+ including global brands (e.g. Unilever, L’Oreal, Kraft Heinz etc). Partnerships with global organisations (DHL, Emergent Cold etc).

• Highly experienced Board & Management team - deep experience in FMCG, Supply Chain and Technology including ex. CEO/MDs of Global Suppliers.

• Market fundamentals supporting growth – wholesale model is becoming redundant, with competition in the FMCG market impacting margins. The wholesale sector is lacking technology and efficiencies leading to independent retailers seeking alternatives and disruption to compete.

• Three integrated capabilities: Digital trading platform, Flow-through Distribution and Data Analytics. Built for ease of scalability, flexibility and adaptability.

• High margin release and impressive growth achieved in a short period – Up to 10% margin release for retailers and suppliers, supplier base of 170+ and 600+ independent retail stores acquired in just 18 months.

• Focus on domestic and international expansion – CBEC in development of trading terms and SKU selection. MoU signed with Sigma for entry into the pharmacy sector.

Product Prospectus



Key Offer Details:

ASX Code:                      IRX

Issue:                              The offer via IPO of 19,444,444 shares.

Issuer:                             irexchange Limited.

Issue price:                     $0.90 AUD per share.

Minimum Application:    $2,000.70 AUD.

Brokerage:                       No brokerage applies to investors.

Scaling:                            We anticipate scaling and therefore we will give preference to those who apply the earliest.


Key Dates: 

Prospectus Lodgement Date:                                        7 January 2019

Opening Date:                                                               14 January 2019

Closing Date:                                                                   5 February 2019

Settlement Date:                                                            12 February 2019

Despatch Of Holding Statements:                                20 February 2019

Expected Commencement Of Trading On ASX:          25 February 2019


Please read the prospectus by clicking on the blue link below before you decide to invest in this IPO.

Product Prospectus



Product Prospectus

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