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America’s reputation abroad has taken a hit since the election of Donald Trump, with 75 percent of respondents to a recent global survey saying they’ve lost respect for the U.S. This may be already taking an economic toll as tourists and students stay away because they feel “unwelcome.” Marketing professors Daniel Korschun and Boryana Dimitrova and economist Yoto Yotov wondered if a country’s worsening reputation could also hurt trade. The results of their research, they say, “were astounding.”

Meanwhile, despite their diametrically opposed views, President Trump and Pope Francis ended their meeting in Rome yesterday with a joint pledge to work for peace. As historian David Mislin explains, political tensions between American politicians and the Vatican are not without precedent: “For the better part of a century, the GOP was the political home of anti-Catholicism in the U.S.”

When American servicemen and women lose limbs in combat, they often want to get right back into the action. That has made the Veterans Administration a key player in prosthetics research. Biomedical engineer Mark Geil from Georgia State University describes what VA-funded research projects are working on and how their findings will benefit civilians as well.

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Surveys suggest Trump’s election is hurting America’s reputation. AP Photo/Kamil Zihnioglu

America's worsening global reputation could put billions in US exports at risk

Daniel Korschun, Drexel University; Boryana V Dimitrova, Drexel University; Yoto V. Yotov, Drexel University

Surveys show Trump's election is damaging America's reputation abroad, which research suggests could deal a sharp blow to US trade.

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  • Scientists at work: Forecasting the Atlantic hurricane season

    Phil Klotzbach, Colorado State University; Michael M. Bell, Colorado State University

    Two atmospheric scientists explain how they weigh evidence such as ocean temperatures, wind speeds and other climate patterns to predict how many Atlantic hurricanes are likely to form this year.

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  • How Google Street View became fertile ground for artists

    Allison L. Rowland, St. Lawrence University; Chris Ingraham, North Carolina State University

    In the 10 years since Google Street View launched, the platform has provided ample fodder for artists, who have used it to comment on surveillance, poverty and gentrification.

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  • Helping military service members complete college

    Jonathan Smith, Georgia State University

    Every year, thousands of active military and veterans enroll as undergrads, but only half leave with a degree. What cheap and effective strategies could help our military complete college?

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