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Tropical Storm Idalia: Reservist Standby Alert!

We are currenlty watching the development of recently named storm, Idalia, with forecasters anticipating that it may intensify into a dangerous Category 3 hurricane.  Projected landfall is Tuesday night into Wednesday morning - somewhere within the "Big Bend" of Florida's gulf coast.  As it moves into the warm waters of the coast, the next 24 hours will be critical in its development and landfall location.

Current Preparations and Planning by Hope Force International:

Like other agencies, HFI is readying supplies, equipment and personnel in preparation for possible landfall later this week. Simultaneously, we continue to pray for mercy. We are in touch with friends, partners, HFI Reservists and contacts in the potential impact areas in the event that we need to respond.

Our deployment staff are currently meeting and are closely monitoring the situation.  Preparations are being made for probable staging outside of the storm on the west side -  with potential housing locations being determined after the storm moves through.

Let’s be in prayer for Idalia to diminish and to dissapate -- reducing possible impacts.

What we know:

  • The storm is moving into warmer and more favorable conditions for development.
  • Forecasting shows a potential life-threatening Category 3 storm is possible.
  • We have numerous Reservists and close contacts in the impact area - all of whom are providing first hand updates and intel as we seek to get the best information in a timely manner.

What We Don't Know:

  • Specifics on location and timing of deployment

What You Need To Know:

  • If deployed, we can expect initial plans and set-up to take time as things develop.
  • If you can’t deploy immediately, you could still have the opportunity to serve in a later phase.
  • HFI will keep our social media platforms active and updated.

What You Need to do Now:

We are asking for all Hope Force Reservists to be on standby alert for a possible deployment to the West Coast of Florida.  Please check your calendars, and prayerfully assess logistics to determine if this is a good time for you to respond. And most importantly: PRAY that God would, in His mercy, dissipate this storm and spare the people of Florida.


  • Conduct a self-assessment regarding your ability to deploy (physically, emotionally, family circumstances, etc.)
  • Pray about whether or not you should deploy at this time
  • Prepare your deployment gear and supplies
  • Communicate with family, friends and employers about possible deployment
  • If you cannot go at this time, please prayerfully consider giving financially to the response efforts.

This could be a great opportunity for those of you who haven't been able to deploy for a while. Your willingness to serve others with compassionate action is greatly appreciated...and we need you!

Please pray for the people who could be impacted by potentially devastating Idalia.  We would also appreciate your prayers for wisdom as we continue to assess the changing situation.

Thank you!