An Official Dana Stabenow Email

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First writer in Storyknife’s Frederica Cabin

Storyknife welcomes its first writer in residence today, Kim Steutermann Rogers of Hawaii. 

I hope Frederica Cabin will be as inspirational for Kim this month as Waterfall Cabin was for me at Hedgebrook in 1989.

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Kate 21 Update

Yes, Storyknife has been hindering production, but I’ve posted a couple of snippets to the Danamaniacs’ page on Facebook to feed the beast, and will post a few more later on.

I don’t have a pub date yet. It might be December; then again I may choose to launch the book at Left Coast Crime in Honolulu next year. I can say with confidence it won't be any later than that.

Oh, you wanted to know about the plot? Hmmm. Well, I can tell you people are missing. More than one. And damn, there went somebody else.


And speaking of Honolulu Havoc...

I’ll be doing two Author Connect events, a ride on Hilton Hawaiian Village’s outrigger canoe and an informal get-together in my room with wine and cheese.

The first event is for fans, the second is for aspiring authors only who want to talk about the biz. Both will be limited as to size because, hey, you can only fit so many people in an outrigger canoe or a hotel room.

Watch the LCC 2016 website for the Author Connect page to go live. In the meantime, check out their Hawaiiana page. Fun. And register now!