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MedTech Monthly

February 2017
GMTCC Early Bird Rate

GMTCC 2017 will take place in Amsterdam, 3-4 May 2017

Early bird registration for the Global MedTech Compliance Conference finishes on 17 February.

IVD and MD Regulations

2017 is likely to be the year of the IVD and MD Regulations

Updated texts have recently been agreed based on the revisions by legal-linguist services that fixed inconsistencies and typos.

In Short

MedTech Europe at the Latin America Compliance Conference

On 22 February, MedTech Europe will present a case-study on “Lessons Learned on Industry Support for Medical Education” at the Latin America Compliance Conference organised by Advamed. This presentation follows the phase out of direct sponsorship in a number of Latin American countries.


Medtech Europe signs Global Commitment on Diagnostic Tests to Fight Antimicrobial Resistance

Medtech Europe, in its continued efforts to fight resistance, is now one of the Associations that signed the Commitment on Diagnostic Tests to Fight Antimicrobial Resistance, a stakeholder initiative recently announced by AdvaMedDx.


MTE at the European Parliament STOA workshop on Assistive Technologies

On 31 January Tanja Valentin and Neha Dave from the MedTech Europe Secretariat attended the European Parliament’s Science and Technology Options Assessment  (STOA) workshop on “Assistive Technologies for the Inclusion of People with Disabilities in Society, Education and Jobs”.


Safer, more efficient care starts with a simple scan

For patients and caregivers, the beep of a scanned barcode has the possibility to help ensure that a patient receives the right medical product at the right time and that caregivers have the benefit of additional surety in their processes.


We’re living longer – but can we live better?

Men and women spend 79% and 74% of their lives, respectively, in good health. Or, to put it another way, men live more than a fifth of their lives in bad health while women live more than a quarter of their lives in an unhealthy state.


‘Sin taxes’ – all stick, no carrot

The new generation of fitness equipment, consumer goods and medical devices are all packed with sensors and capable of communicating data wirelessly. So here is the big question: would you grant an insurer access to this wealth of data in return for cheaper premiums?


Great expectations for 2017

When it comes to healthcare, the WEF frames the conversation with some key demographic statistics: by 2050, the world’s population will have risen to 9.7 billion and 2 billion people will be over the age of 60. What can healthcare leaders expect from 2017?


Code of Ethical Business Practice: Open letter to the healthcare community

The Code allows for an additional year to phase out direct sponsorship by the entire medtech industry but this may be a good time to take stock of the situation; inquire if there are still grey areas and what are the opportunities going forward, therefore this letter.

Events & Trainings

World Day of Social Justice (UN)


Rare Disease Day


Global MedTech Compliance Conference

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