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Vaccines are widely regarded as one of the greatest achievements of the scientific age, yet people are increasingly shunning this safe, cheap, life-saving treatment. In fact, the World Health Organisation recently stripped the UK, Albania, the Czech Republic and Greece of their “measles-free” status as too few people in those countries are now immunised against the disease. And while the US is yet to suffer such ignominy, it is experiencing its biggest measles outbreak for 27 years.

This doesn’t surprise global public health expert, Jonathan Kennedy. He sees it as a direct outcome of the rise in right-wing populist movements. After all, populist leaders use the same playbook as anti-vaxxers: they tell lies, spread fear, sow discord, and use social media to do so. Unfortunately, it’s working.

Bizarrely, recent events even show Jacob Rees-Mogg comparing Dr David Nicholl to anti-vaxxer extraordinaire, Andrew Wakefield. The reason? Dr Nicholl, a consultant neurologist, dared to warn the public about deaths that are likely to arise as a result of a no-deal Brexit.

There is certainly a lot of confusion and discord around these days, but if you want a clear-eyed view of the latest Brexit happenings, stay tuned. Today, we show how Brexit uncertainty is harming the British economy, and we look at when and how a UK general election might happen. Tomorrow, who knows?

Clint Witchalls

Health + Medicine Editor

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