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We are living in what has been dubbed the Asian Century, with the rise of China in particular having impacts around the world. Today we publish the final article in our series Australian Cities in the Asian Century exploring the findings of newly published research. Those findings are confronting, as Alanna Kamp and her colleagues report a large majority of Asian Australians have experienced racism and, in particular, discrimination when renting or buying housing.

And after a decade in which the iPhone, iPad, Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, Netflix, Spotify and the gig economy have changed the way we work and play, we are at last about to get a handle on what they’ve done. The Australian Bureau of Statistics hasn’t conducted a time use survey since 2006, pleading lack of funds. Lyn Craig, who the ABC’s Annabel Crabb refers to as a “goddess in the realm of research on domestic work”, tells us what to expect.

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Section Editor: Cities + Policy

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A large majority of Asian Australians who make up an increasing proportion of the population, especially in big cities like Sydney, have experienced racism. ketrktt/Shutterstock

Asians out! Not in this suburb. Not in this apartment

Alanna Kamp, Western Sydney University; Ana-Maria Bliuc, Western Sydney University; Kathleen Blair, Western Sydney University; Kevin Dunn, Western Sydney University

Asian Australians experience high levels of racism. Almost six in ten Asia-born Australians report having had experiences of discrimination when trying to rent or buy housing.

Australia hasn’t had a time use survey since 2006. Budget cuts got in the way. Shutterstock

A decade after the invention of the smartphone, we’re about to find out how we use our time

Lyn Craig, University of Melbourne

We've been in the dark about how we use our time for more than a decade. It's the decade that saw the rise of the smartphone, streaming and social media.

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