October 2023 Update

Keep the main thing the main thing!

Statistics continue to show that most New England churches need revitalization.  That is just another way of saying that churches need to get back on mission of making disciples of Jesus.

The church needs pastors who lead the charge to intentionally share Christ and disciple those who respond.  It is not flashy. It is day in and day out engagement with people over scripture while encouraging them that, yes, Jesus can be trusted.

Thanks for the part you play in encouraging your own church and others in New England to embrace Jesus' charge to make disciples.

Thank you for your prayers and support that allow us to serve New England pastors and their spouses!

Dr. Jim Harrell


Ministry Updates


Overseed In New England

These are the 2023 cohorts for pastors and their spouses. Please pray for our leaders and participants to thrive in ministry and bless their region of New England.


Real-Life Leadership

Pastors Steven Cabral and Ken Walsh

“Being a pastor of a nondenominational church can feel like being on an island. You can sometimes feel all alone in ministry,” said Steve Cabral, Executive Pastor of Conquerors for Christ Church in Dartmouth, MA. So, for years, he and Lead Pastor Ken Walsh have been partners in the gospel, growing together as church leaders and part of Overseed’s pastor cohort in Taunton, MA led by Jim Harrell. “We don’t have the built-in support structure like large denominations. We needed and wanted professional development to gain skills and grow as leaders,” said Ken. “It’s been very helpful to regularly be with other pastors and hear about common experiences and struggles. We want that accountability.”

Ken first came to the church in the mid-1990s as a college student attending a nearby university. After graduation, he taught school locally. Over the years as his faith grew, Ken served in church leadership roles including Elder. Over three decades, the church also grew and experienced challenging seasons including a time when the founding pastor, Steve’s father, was ill. The church needed leadership, so Ken took a leave of absence from teaching school and started full time ministry. Having grown up in the church, Steve’s leadership responsibilities increased over time as his faith and skills grew.

A church needs leaders if it wants to expand its capacity to make disciples. Although leaders are not more important than anyone else, they are critical for a church’s health and growth so they must be intentionally developed with real-life practice. That is why Overseed pastor cohorts commit an entire year to walking through a leader discipleship plan. It is an all-encompassing process that includes teaching, programs, and life on life coaching that moves people forward in their walk with God, their character, and their ability to lead. Pastors are challenged each month to engage in discipling and developing one or two people in their own church. Jim Harrell said, “We do not want pastors to wait until they think they have it all figured-out to start.”

This past year, their Overseed cohort focused on leadership development which Ken described as “very impactful” for their ministry. He and Steve are intentionally developing a core team of twenty-two people in their church by applying what they learned in the cohort. The pastor group’s monthly accountability of sharing “how it’s going” encouraged them to be more strategic. Ken said “having a leadership pipeline is now part of their church culture.”

Recently, their church leaders mobilized to engage the Dartmouth community through service. They wanted to build on the church’s faithful foundation of caring for local people and sharing Christ’s love. They prayed about establishing relationships with town leaders and shifting their ministry to serve outwardly. They specifically prayed for members of the town’s Board of Selectmen by name.

Next, Ken reached out to inquire about hidden needs in the town and how the church might help. The response was overwhelming and humbling. In this middle-class coastal area, there is a growing homeless community with mental health and addiction concerns. The church offered an army of volunteers who helped the town conduct a homelessness census and then followed-up with tangible ways to care for people in need.

Faithfully praying, asking, and responding has allowed this church to have an influential voice in the community and develop new connections with local people. God has blessed this effort and produced growth through real-life faithful leadership practiced in community.

“Steve and Ken have done a very good job of managing major transitions in the church,” raved Jim Harrell. “They’ve grown as leaders and are focused on empowering other people to use their giftedness to strengthen the church and bless the community.”

The Overseed cohort remains a priority for Steve, Ken, and their fellow pastors in the group. Steve described these pastors as “like minded leaders who want to do their best for the kingdom.” Ken added that “we are grateful for Jim. He is so dedicated to this ministry! He is an inviting presence who is sensitive to people’s needs and voices."

Overseed develops faithful leaders who develop faithful leaders.


Two Exceptional Leaders

Rev. Paul Johnson (right), Consultant with the Cecil B. Day Foundation (retired) and Jack Richardson (left), Director of the Strategic Leadership Network at Vision New England (retired).

For over a decade, Paul Johnson and Jack Richardson faithfully served on the Overseed Board of Directors. Motivated by their love of God and passion for helping others know Him, they dedicated their careers to developing effective church leaders serving across New England.

They are both gifted listeners and encouragers who didn't shy away from asking hard questions that helped shape and strengthen Overseed as a growing organization.

Our team is deeply grateful for their ministry vision, availability, and the abundant ways they shared their influence and ministry networks to help us thrive.

The fruit of God's spirit is clearly evident in them, and we thank Him for the years they shared with us.


New Cohorts for Pastor Wives


Pastor Spouse Groups

Pastor Wives Gatherings in Maine and Massachusetts*

Overseed launched two groups for pastor wives in Maine and Metro West Massachusetts. These regional cohorts provide a nurturing place for ministry wives to breathe in encouragement and support. Plus learn together how to leverage their unique opportunities to love and make disciples by leaning into their gifting and calling.

Contact sharon@overseed.org to learn more.

*We understand and acknowledge that there are also male spouses who faithfully support their wives who are pastors.  At this juncture, we are only able to undertake serving pastor wives.


Prayer Requests


Please Pray

• That God is glorified in all we do.
• For new pastor cohorts and their leaders to encourage and challenge one another in this ministry season.
• For your own pastor to thrive in ministry.
• For pastors to be healthy and intentional about leading their churches forward.
• For God to continue to lay New England on the hearts of graduating seminary students.
• For churches to take a more active role in raising up the next generation of pastors and leaders.
• For Overseed's financial support. To partner with us, please give here: Donate


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