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WiFi Hive Strength Monitor available to preorder tomorrow

We don't want to take you away from the bees, but just a quick reminder to check back in first thing tomorrow, Monday 27 March.

There will be earlybird pricing available, starting at $95 for a WiFi-enabled “Hive Strength Monitor”. It's the lowest-cost product we've ever sold, so be quick. We're letting our newsletter list and existing customer-base know before we tell the world, so you get a good chance.

The device will track hive humidity, bee count, and in-hive and ambient temperature, and you will be able to use this data freely in whatever way you please.

Quick recap: in case you didn't get time to read our previous email, you can get more info here:

WiFi Hive Strength Monitor campaign

Did you know...?

If we get enough backers for this campaign, we have a number of “stretch goals” that will add exciting additional functionality to our product, for example adding a rain gauge and wind speed/direction, or integrating with our existing weight scales. You'll also be able to vote or give us other ideas.

More tomorrow!

Most importantly, let your friends and beekeeping clubs know. We'll be in touch first thing tomorrow.