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Help us save water this summer

Gardening tips

Did you know one of the biggest demands on residential water use is garden and lawn irrigation?

Here are some simple ways you can help, while still keeping the best bits of your garden green:

  • Water your garden when it’s cool, ideally before 7am or after 9pm
  • Water only in still conditions, as strong winds cause water to evaporate quickly
  • Ditch your sprinkler or irrigation system and water with a hand-held hose instead
  • If you’re washing your car, do it on your lawn so you’re watering the lawn at the same time
  • If it’s brown, settle down! Please don’t water grass berms
  • Thinking about seeding a new lawn? Please consider waiting until next year
  • It’s never too late to mulch your garden!

Find out more at ccc.govt.nz/water-saving-tips

Tracking our water use

Water Dial

We recently created an online Water Dial to track Christchurch's daily residential water use.

This summer, we all need to work together to make sure our water use stays within the green zone. This zone represents an average day's water use.

Lower water use means we can take more wells out of service, upgrade well heads faster and then stop chlorinating the water sooner.

See the Water Dial at ccc.govt.nz/wateruse

Busting water myths

We're running a series of articles looking at some of the common misconceptions around water use in Christchurch.

Who makes decisions about water bottling, are we running out of water, is our water supply network too small?

Get the facts by reading the first two articles on Newsline: Part 1 and Part 2

Well heads update

So far we've upgraded 38 well heads out of a total of 140. Currently 25 per cent of the city's drinking water is chlorine free.

Upgrades at the Kainga, Hills and Grampian wells will be completed this week, and then at Farrington by early December, meaning a further 6 per cent of the city's drinking water will become chlorine free.

The Council last week approved temporary upgrades of up to 42 well heads so the city's entire water supply can be chlorine free by May 2019. Read more on Newsline

Stay water wise

Keep up to date with our rolling blog on Newsline.

If you have any questions, drop us a line at watersupply@ccc.govt.nz

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