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Works progressing well on Richardson Terrace pump station

We’re continuing work constructing a pump station in Richardson Terrace, to reduce flood risk in the Bells Creek area and improve the quality of water discharging into the Heathcote River.

The works to construct a new stormwater pump station and stormwater treatment device at 12 Richardson Terrace have been progressing well, with the majority of the underground structures complete.

The next stage involves the installation of the equipment and construction of the outfall to the Heathcote River. Due to the late delivery of the outfall pipes, the pump station won’t be completed until June 2018, later than previously hoped. The current road closure on Richardson Terrace will remain in place until the works are completed.

For your safety, please keep away from the construction works area and adhere to all safety signage.

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact the Council using the details below.

Focus on flood relief via Hendersons Basin

Work will soon begin on boosting storm water storage in Hendersons Basin to reduce the flood risk along the Heathcote River.

The land drainage facility in Halswell – in farmland bounded by Sparks Road, Hendersons Road, Cashmere Road and Sutherlands Road – will also improve water quality by treating storm water runoff in the area.

The additional storage is part of the new $40 million Eastman/Sutherlands/Hoon Hay storm water facilities. It’s one of four major storage projects we are building to store floodwaters during a storm, and then gradually release the water after levels have dropped downstream.

Under the Land Drainage Recovery Programme, these basins will help protect flood-prone homes in Heathcote. The total additional storage added will be able to hold 800,000 cubic metres of water.
The four basins should reduce the risk of above-floor flooding for more than 100 Heathcote properties in a one-in-50-year storm.

Storm water runoff contains pollutants – such as heavy metal and sediment – that can harm the city’s aquatic life. However, the runoff can be targeted with treatment basins and wetlands, cutting the impact of urban and rural development on water quality.

The new facility will also treat the increased sediment coming down from the Port Hills into Hoon Hay Valley Stream. There is less vegetation on the hills following last year’s fires, worsening the sediment problem.

Council tidies up mowing bank trial

Public feedback about the scruffiness of some of the city’s riverbanks has prompted changes to the Council’s riverbank cutting trial.

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