Helping kids deal with "text anxiety"

No matter how long it’s been since you were in school, I’m sure you still have that dream (or is it a nightmare?) about an upcoming exam and how you’re totally unprepared. We’ve all experienced “test anxiety” and today in The Conversation Canada, Louis Volante of Brock University and Christopher DeLuca of Queen’s University look at the research into how it impacts younger children. They also offer some practical tips on how parents and teachers can help kids deal with test anxiety.

That’s just one of several good reads we have for you this Friday.

And finally…society generally associates heart attacks as something that happen mostly to men. But Glen Pyle of the University of Guelph gives us the facts: women are more likely than men to die of a heart attack and one reason why is that heart attack symptoms are often misdiagnosed in women.


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Parents can assure children that anxiety is a natural feeling they can learn to manage. (Shutterstock)

Reduce children’s test anxiety with these tips – and a re-think of what testing means

Louis Volante, Brock University; Christopher DeLuca, Queen's University, Ontario

Educational experts offer tips for parents and teachers to help children manage test anxiety but find that overall, policy-makers need to re-think what matters in schools and what’s worth measuring.

Agriculture is a unique sector for a just transition. (Shutterstock)

How to fight climate change in agriculture while protecting jobs

Laxmi Pant, University of Guelph

Agriculture needs to cut its greenhouse gas emissions, yet we must also find a way to produce more food if we are to feed 10 billion people by 2050. A "just transition" could help make that happen.

Construction of the Hebron platform - digitalization is disrupting how offshore oil and gas industries conduct and manage operations. Shutterstock

How the digital economy is transforming Canada’s offshore oil and gas industry

Greg Naterer, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Digital technologies are changing the ways that oilfields are being managed and operated, and disrupting

The Niagara Movement meeting in Fort Erie Canada, 1905 had no Canadians present. Library of Congress

NAACP’s first meeting was held in Canada but there were no Canadians there

Warren Clarke, Carleton University; Nadine Powell, Carleton University

The first NAACP meeting was held in Canada but there is no mention of Black Canadians in the books. This historical absence is a symbol of the invisibility of anti-Black racism in Canada.

During a heart attack, women are more likely to present without pain, or with uncharacteristic symptoms. (Shutterstock)

Women’s heart attack symptoms are different, and clinical care must catch up

Glen Pyle, University of Guelph

Sexism in cardiovascular research means that heart attacks are often missed in women. And that women are less likely to receive recommended therapies and rehabilitation opportunities.

La Conversation Canada

Les développements des technologies comme la robotique et la réalité virtuelle ouvrent de nouvelles possibilités d'expériences sexuelles. Shutterstock

Tomber en amour avec un robot, une réalité de moins en moins virtuelle !

Neil McArthur, University of Manitoba; Markie Twist, University of Wisconsin Colleges and the University of Wisconsin-Extension

Les développements des technologies comme la robotique et la réalité virtuelle ouvrent de nouvelles possibilités d'expériences sexuelles. Serons-nous tolérants avec leurs adeptes ?

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