Meeting Together

As there is a lot happening in the coming months we are doing an extra mailing outlining the up and coming meetings occurring around the world either facilitated by Micah Network or a number of our partners / contacts. We encourage you to take up these opportunities to meet together, share and learn from one another. Follow the links to find out more about each event.

September 2013

May we encourage all our Asia members who have as yet not registered to attend the Solidarity in Disaster Management Consultation to register now and ensure your organisation and local church benefits from the shared learning that will come from this week together.

We also want to draw your attention to the Vulnerable Mission Workshop with Ralph Winter on the 24th September – if you can make this we encourage you to do so.

Event Dates:

5th to 6th September: Córdoba, Argentina: 4th Congress Against the Trafficking of People. Email for More information

7th to 30th September: Piet Retief, South Africa: School of Missional Leadership

16th to 20th September: Manila, Philippines: Solidarity in Disaster Management Consultation

24th September: Pasadena, California, USA: Workshop on Vulnerable Mission with Ralph Winter

25th to 28th September: Ghana 2013 Conference: Ghana Evangelical Missions

October 2013

There are a number of exciting Micah Network conversations happening this month which are key for members in those countries to take the opportunity to meet together.


5th to 28th October 2013: Piet Retief, South Africa: School of Missional Leadership

21st to 23rd October: Nepal: Integral Mission Conversation – Micah Network

22nd to 24th October: Minneapolis, USA: Destination Zero Conference

24th to 25th October: Cambodia: Integral Mission Conversation: Domestic Violence – Micah Network

28th October: Grand Rapids, USA: Integral Mission Conversation: Justice and Mercy – Micah Network

29th to 31st October: Grand Rapids, USA: Developing Excellence Forum – ACCORD

November 2013

For members in India, can we draw your attention to the Mumbai Call2Compassion and Justice Conference – some sponsorship may be available for Micah Network India members to attend this. Write to Hannah for  more information.

4th to 8th November: Mumbai, India: Call2Compassion and Justice Conference

6th November: Mumbai, India: embedded into Call2Compassion Conference: Integral Mission Conversation – Micah Network

11th to 13th November: Lahore, Pakistan: Integral Mission Conversation – Micah Network

14th to 16th November: Norwich, United Kingdom: Workshop on Vulnerable Mission

20th to 23rd November: Dakar, Senegal: Forum for the Transformation of Africa. E-mail Garry for more information.

20th to 23rd November: Ecuador: Integral Mission and the Arts Consultation - info coming soon.

25th to 29th November: Livingston, Zambia: Gender based Violence and Trafficking Consultation – Micah Network and EFZ

For Follow Up

If you have any queries about the above events or would like to let us know of other meetings please contact as at: