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Maximum financial support for your renovations!

Don't call them Energy grants, call them Rénolution grants! As well as getting a new name, the Brussels Energy grant system is undergoing several changes in 2022.

Everything has been thought out to ensure as many Brussels residents as possible can enjoy access, so it's time to think about renovating your home and making it more energy efficient.

More information on Renolution grants
See the summary table of grants 2022

Where does this rise in energy prices come from?

Gas and electricity prices have risen around the world since 2020. One might think that this sudden rise in prices was caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, but in reality, other factors are also involved. Let us explain!

Why are my bills going up?
5 simple tips to save energy!

Gas and electricity consumption: is yours average?

Whether you want to be more careful with your energy consumption for the planet or for your wallet, it is important to keep an eye on it.

Find out which category of consumers you fall into!

Can I still drive my car in Brussels?

Like 200 other European cities, Brussels is a Low Emission Zone (LEZ). In 2022, diesel vehicles of Euro 4 and below are no longer permitted in Brussels.

Find out the comparative table for the coming years!

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