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Drexel GPS: Hip-Hop. Islam. Gender. Activism. Race.
6 - 7:30 p.m. @ AJ Picture Gallery
Dean's Seminar: Climate Change In the Time of Trump
3:30 - 5 p.m. @ MacAlister Sky View
Kaczmarczik Lecture: "Exploring the Warped Universe"
11 a.m. @ Main Building Auditorium
Distinguished Lecture: "Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst"
6:30 p.m. @ Mandell Theater
Distinguished Lecture
Why do we do the things we do? On April 12, neuroscientist and biologist Robert Sapolsky, PhD, will wrestle with some of our deepest questions relating to tribalism and xenophobia, hierarchy and competition, morality and free will, war and peace. Free tickets now available.
Speaking the Unspoken
Through the Muslim Fertility Project, Mona Elgohail, a clinical psychology PhD student at Drexel, is breaking down cultural taboos and giving Muslim women a platform for support.
Protecting the Persecuted
"Why are you afraid to go home?" he asked. Without speaking, the two children answered in unison, lifting their shirts to reveal raw, pink scars stretching across their torsos. It's an image that will haunt alumnus Andrew Damron forever.
Breaking the Cycle
Any number of issues can draw a former inmate back into a life of crime, but addiction is among the most persistent – over 65% of inmates are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Criminology prof Jordan Hyatt, JD, PhD, is investigating an anti-addiction drug that could help address this devastating problem.
Investing in Progress
At venture capitalist firm Social Capital, physics alum Pinkesh Patel is putting his diverse expertise to work to help businesses that matter.
2017 Kaczmarczik Lecture
Last year, scientists announced the first-ever detection of gravitational waves from colliding black holes. This March, Nergis Mavalvala, PhD – a scientist on the discovery team – will describe the science, technology and human story behind their quest.
Barbara Hoejke, PhD
Training Superhuman Geoscientists
Some people seem to have a natural eye for visual detail, but can this skill be taught? Psychologist Chris Sims, PhD, is investigating how people develop perceptual expertise in order to improve perceptual training in STEM fields.
Healing the Wounded
As executive director of the Bob Woodruff Foundation, alumna Anne Marie Dougherty has helped raise over $33 million to support programs reaching more than 2.5 million service members, veterans and their families.
Barbara Hoejke, PhD
Faculty Perspectives
With immigration and refugee policies quickly changing under the new administration, it’s important to understand the factors of human migration. Four Drexel professors weigh in.
Debjani Bhattacharyya
Joel Oestreich, PhD, director of global studies, published the book "Development and Human Rights: Rhetoric and Reality of a Rights-Based Approach to Development in India" with Oxford University Press.
Chris Sims
Nancy Raitano Lee, PhD, assistant professor of psychology, is co-PI on a $2.9M NIH grant for the project "Memory Measures for Clinical Trials in Down Syndrome and Fragile X Syndrome."
Phillip Ayoub
Brian Daly, PhD, associate professor of psychology, received a $285,000 grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation for the project "Harnessing Opportunities to Promote Success."
Robert Brulle
Steve McMillan, PhD, professor and head of physics, received a $110,800 NASA grant for the project "The Effects of Localized Heating in Helmet Streamers on Plasmoid Production."
Amy Slaton
George Ciccariello-Maher, PhD, associate professor of politics, published the book "Decolonizing Dialectics" with Duke University Press. He is also serving as co-editor of a new series at Duke University Press called "Radical Américas."
Don Charles
Robert Kane, PhD, professor and head of the Department of Criminology and Justice Studies, was the 2016 recipient of the American Society of Criminology's Award for Outstanding Experimental Field Trial in recognition of his project, "Assessing the Effects of the Taser on Cognitive Functioning." This is a top honor from the ASC’s Division of Experimental Criminology.
Jiu Jiang
Eva Karasmanis, biology PhD candidate in the Spiliotis lab, was awarded the prestigious Ruth L. Kirschstein pre-doctoral fellowship award from the NIH National Cancer Institute. Her project aims to investigate how septins function in the last step of cell division and contribute to the development of cancer.
Don Charles
Jordan McClain, PhD, assistant teaching professor of communication, was elected president of the Mid-Atlantic Popular and American Culture Association, an academic research organization dedicated to critical analysis of popular and American culture.
Jiu Jiang
Kayci Vickers, doctoral student in clinical psychology, received a dissertation award from the Foundation for Rehabilitation Psychology for her project "The Impact of Compensatory Recommendations on Consistency in Adherence to Behavioral Regimens After Traumatic Brain Injury."
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