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With Donald Trump’s approval ratings flagging, there’s renewed optimism among Democrat voters that he might be beaten in the 2020 presidential election. But who would be the best candidate to do that? For some time now, former Vice President Joe Biden has been the frontrunner, but as Dennis Altman writes, lately, much of the momentum has been with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Warren, Altman writes, shares some of the more radical policy positions held by Bernie Sanders, but is careful not to define herself as socialist. She also has the same deep grasp of policy as Hillary Clinton.

But the question for the Democrats is how to position themselves to defeat the incumbent president - after all, the election is still a long time away and in politics, nothing is certain.

Amanda Dunn

Section Editor: Politics + Society

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She’s sitting third on the list of Democratic nomination contenders, but might Elizabeth Warren ultimately be the person to beat Donald Trump? EPA/AAP/Craig Lassig

In the Democrats’ bitter race to find a candidate to beat Trump, might Elizabeth Warren hold the key?

Dennis Altman, La Trobe University

She's sitting third on the list of Democratic candidates at the moment, but the Massachusetts Senator's growing popularity may catapult her to the nomination.

Free competition is supposed to give customers the best deal – but that’s not happening in Victoria. AAP Image/Dan Himbrechts

Victorians who switched energy retailers only save $45 a year – leaving hundreds on the table

Bruce Mountain, Victoria University

'Switchers' who change their energy retailers often are following accepted wisdom, but research shows it saves them far less than expected.

Few Australians keep working long hours for long, unless they really, really like their jobs. Shutterstock

Not so bad. Most of us who work long hours like the jobs we are in. Those who don’t, change jobs quickly

Mark Fabian, Australian National University; Robert Breunig, Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University

We've tested the claim that overworkers have no choice, and found it wanting.

If you want to earn a high income in Australia, you’re often better off having no degree than having a bachelor degree in teaching. Shutterstock/Monkey Business Images

Three charts on teachers’ pay in Australia: it starts out OK, but goes downhill pretty quickly

Jonathan Nolan, Grattan Institute; Julie Sonnemann, Grattan Institute

Teachers get paid a decent starting salary but they soon fall behind other professionals the longer they stay in the job.

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  • Brutalism: how to love a concrete beast

    DJ Huppatz, Swinburne University of Technology

    Often described by critics as dehumanising, depressing and oppressive, Brutalism is having a moment – especially on social media.

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