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Our Mission Statement

"Through collaboration, sharing of experiences, and mobilizing local resources, the Community Sustainability Partnership (CSP) aims to transform the greater Grand Rapids region through the development of sustainable neighborhoods and communities."

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Climate Change, Resiliency and Sustainability in Local Schools and Universities

The knowledge of sustainability in the Greater Grand Rapids Area has been increasing profoundly in recent years. With more courses and majors in the secondary and collegiate levels, the knowledge of sustainability has grown quickly. Increased awareness and education of impeding factors such as resiliency and climate change will only improve proactive and preventative plans to continue sustainable practices for future generations.

Sustainability and ArtPrize

Seniors from Ferris State University’s Architecture and Sustainability program have submitted a Recycled ArtPrize  Submission called "FORTY-ONE 32". "This hanging installation suspends 4132 reused plastic bags and is an exploration of sustainability. Users are encouraged to interact and move through the art while increasing their understanding of how an everyday object can be manipulated to create an immersive environment."

Click here to read more about the ArtPrize Submission "FORTY-ONE 32" and FSU's Architecture and Sustainability Program.

A 6th Grade Environmental Education School Located at City Middle/High

"The sixth grade Center for Economicology located at City Middle/High began in 2008 as a vision shared by the Wege Foundation and The Grand Rapids Public Schools. The term, Economicology, is a combination of the words "economy" and "ecology". Coined by Peter Wege, it can be described as reasoned, respectful, engaged stewardship of the Earth household in service of both people and the planet. This Grand Rapids Public School services 60 highly motivated students every year from GRPS and surrounding Kent County school districts." 

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Humanities Center to Tackle 'Changing Climates' in Speaker Series

KALAMAZOO—The Western Michigan University Center for the Humanities is bringing together scientists and humanists in its annual speaker series to consider how the world's temperature and social climates are changing and what the earth's inhabitants need to know and do about it. The series will explore how scientific research is defining issues that concern everybody, including the warming of the globe, the toxicity of the environment and the fundamental changes mankind is making to the natural world.

Click here to view the Speaker Series website. To find more events featuring sustainability at WMU, click here

Master of Sustainable Business at Aquinas

Aquinas is the first college in the nation to offer a Masters program in Sustainable Business. Their goal is to "provide graduate students with an education that outlines the current problems of business, uncovers a durable, nature-based economic model that will yield only positive outcomes, and highlights the competitive advantages for businesses and communities that participate in such a sustainable model." Aquinas' Master of Sustainable Business program "develops visionaries who not only refuse to compromise but also that have the ability to direct organizations to a profitable and sustainable future." 

Click here to learn more about Sustainable Business at Aquinas and their Sustainability Initiatives.  

GVSU Marching Band

Grand Valley State University

GVSU has been named one of the country’s "Most Environmentally Responsible" colleges by The Princeton Review for the fourth year in a row. ”Sustainability is integral to Grand Valley State University's strategic mission, vision, and values. It is everyone's responsibility to work toward a sustainable future." Grand Valley offers over 30 courses that are related to sustainability, and they currently have three majors and minors that focus directly on sustainability, natural resource management and environmental studies.

Grand Valley also offers a Graduate Certificate in Sustainability in Public and Nonprofit Organizations. "The content includes providing an overview of ecological, energy, climatic and consumption issues impacting local communities and guidelines for transitioning organizations to sustainable methods and practices. Students will develop a sustainable decision making framework to identify alternative courses of action,evaluate options for sustainable choices, and guide the implementation of management decisions to provide positive social, environmental and financial returns."
To read more about Sustainability in Public and Nonprofit Organizations, click here

Click here to view sustainability events taking place at GVSU. 


Calvin College: Sustainability and the Environment

Calvin College offers many courses, majors and minors that are dedicated to the environment and sustainability. They have multiple campus and community sustainability initiatives that help make Calvin focused on knowledge, awareness and involvement of sustainability in the community. Their "goal is to raise the level of environmental and sustainability discussions in the campus community. The Statement challenges us to move forward and presents many examples and starting points for education and action." 

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