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9 pointers for capturing the best travel photos

Taking photos is a great way to preserve memories of travel moments and time spent away with family and friends. While recent technological advances have made photography simpler, your camera or phone can’t do all the work for you. So we’re arming you with 9 tips to help you capture the best travel photos. Happy snapping!

7 essential tips for wet-weather camping

Camping in wet weather can be testing, but there’s no need to let the elements dampen your enthusiasm. Instead of letting a downpour deter you from exploring this incredible country of ours; simply take time to prepare yourself for wet-weather camping. We’ve put together a series of 7 handy tips for camping in wet weather.

10 pieces of advice for first-time caravanners

A caravanning adventure is a great way to see the country. Your first trip is an exciting time of freedom, fun, and the thrill of a new experience. It’s also a big step. Towing a caravan can be a challenge, with many factors such as what to bring, time spent on the road, and where to park suddenly having much greater importance. We want to help, so we’ve compiled 10 tips for first-time caravan users.

5 solutions for entertaining kids during rainy holidays

Holidaying with kids can be tough, and that hurdle is only enhanced when it starts to rain. Being denied access to all the fun ‘stuff’ outside can lead to a nightmare situation for you and your kids. However, with the right preparation, you can make your wet-weather holiday a memorable one. We’ve put together 5 essential tips for entertaining kids when on rainy holidays.

Uncover Australia’s best whale-watching locations

Watching whales at play is a breathtaking experience. The sheer size of whales is almost unfathomable and their obvious power and grace is remarkable. There are many whale-watching hotspots around Australia, and now is the peak viewing time. Find out about Australia’s best whale-watching locations.

Discover these 7 unusual Australian rock formations

When it comes to funky formations, Australia rocks. This country is full of big, bizarre, and baffling natural wonders that make for enthralling viewing and incredible photos. We’re shining the light on 7 of Australia's most unusual rock formations that you must see for yourself. Don’t forget the camera!

Get to know BIG4 Gold Member Ross Simshauser

Ross Simshauser, a BIG4 Gold Member, has spent a lot of time getting to know BIG4, so we thought it was time we got to know him! For someone who has seen so much of Australia and stayed at numerous BIG4 parks, he's certainly qualified to talk about touring the country. He shares his favourite spots, fondest memories, travel rituals, and tips for fellow travellers. Read about Ross' experiences.

Explore Australia’s World Heritage attractions

Australia has a wonderful collection of natural, cultural, and historical attractions. And it’s not just us who thinks as much – loads of these goodies are cemented on the famous UNESCO World Heritage List. And most of these iconic Australian attractions are easily accessible to visitors. Take a walk around your own backyard and start exploring Australia’s World Heritage-listed sites.

Book online and stay in July for your chance to win

Take advantage of this month's great competition. Book online and stay in July for the chance to win back the cost of your accommodation*, up to $3000. It's the perfect excuse to head up north for warmer weather or to enjoy a cosy escape this winter. Find out more about the competition on the BIG4 website.

Christmas in July - gather your family and friends

Are you looking for an excuse to get away this month? Then gather your family or friends and celebrate Christmas in July. Check out the Christmas in July section of our website, which has all the inspiration and information you need to plan a mid-winter break.