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The All-Seeing Eye - July 2016

Summertime greetings! We’ve been busy…  and the rest of the year promises more of the same. It’s an exciting time to be in the immersion industry. We’re working on new installations of custom projectsGeoDomes, and digital video globes, and we’ll be announcing new additions to both our hardware and software lines later this year.

In the meantime, here’s what we were up to this spring - drop us a line for more info.

Orlando Science Center

Cobra Panoramas at Orlando Science Center

Kinetic Zone, a new permanent exhibit which opened in May, uses interactive displays to encourage visitors to explore the fundamentals of electricity, gravity, physics, Newton’s Laws and more. Three Cobra Panorama systems with Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D software help to illustrate how real world physics is interpreted in the virtual world.

Metropolitan State University

GeoDome Theater at Metropolitan State

The Metro Dome project in Saint Paul joined the GeoDome Network  - now over 40 installations! - this spring. Using WorldViewer and NASA JPL’s Eyes platforms, faculty-run programs will cover Earth and space science in the GeoDome. “Science Saturdays” – a student-run volunteer science program – will offer Saturday morning programs to underserved K-12 students throughout the Twin Cities.

NAB Show 2016

GeoDome Panorama at NAB's VR/AR Pavilion

We were mobbed at NAB! An OmniFocus projection system blended two fisheyes for ultra-high resolution on our Panorama. WorldViewer provided the interface to navigate through a library of spherical content, including 8K video from our partners at 360Heros. The phrase we heard most was "It's VR without the headset!" Domes and panoramas are a great complement to HMDs. Groups of people experience content together in an accessible, social context. And domes are an invaluable part of the VR content production workflow. We look forward to exploring new applications of immersion across the VR landscape.


American Alliance of Museums - Museum Expo

It was an honor to support our partners at NASA JPL as they showcased an Elumenati digital video globe with Eyes on the Earth. NASA's Eyes platforms are a way for audiences to learn about our home planet, our solar system, the universe beyond, and the spacecraft exploring them. We've collaborated with JPL extensively over the years to enable the Eyes platforms for domes and spheres, using our Omnity plugin for the Unity game engine. Our globes, domes, and custom installations help museums and science centers create memorable interactive experiences for learners of all ages.


4K OmniFocus projection at InfoComm

We partnered with Canon USA to showcase an original OmniFocus projection solution based on their new REALiS 4K500ST projector. At 4K resolution (4096x2400) and 5,000 lumens, it produces beautiful image quality in our 4.5m Panorama. Visitors to the booth explored 360-degree video with WorldViewer, and real mission data with NASA JPL’s Eyes platforms.


Neurodome in the GeoDome in NYC

On April 7, we brought a GeoDome Theater to NYC's Baruch College for Immersive Worlds: Science, Narrative, and the Arts — a conference exploring the impact of immersive technologies across disciplines including neuroscience, education, gaming, business, journalism, and the arts. The GeoDome provided a virtual tour of the human brain, developed using Uniview by our friends at the NeuroDome project.