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Australia Day - give 'em the thong!

Our favourite event of the year, the Havaianas Australia Day Thong Challenge has come and gone! An epic turn out of over 4,500 people across WA, SA, VIC and QLD across Australia, raising $64,710 for local Nippers. Once again Cottesloe, WA smashed the world record with of 2,099 revellers. 

Celebrate Veetentine's Day and send a cupid

Do you have a friend that would love to receive a visit from Veet Cupid? 

With Valentine's Day, or what Veeters like to call Veetentine's Day just around the corner - you can now nominate your friend to receive a visit from Veet Cupid and receive some lovin'. 

If you know just the girl to receive this sexy surprise, be a gem and nominate her here.

I spy…Syfy

If you’re a lover of Sci-Fi, throw your hands up in the air. New kid on the Foxtel block, the Syfy channel made its debut on January 1.

The Syfy channel is home to new seasons of Haven, Misfits, Defiance, Warehouse 13 and the premier we’ve all be waiting for Haunting Australia.

We’ll be keeping the couch groove in tact to watch Investigator Robb Demarest, best known for Ghost Hunters International, who leads a team of six as they hunt for signs of the paranormal in Australia's most-haunted locations.

Keep up to date with Syfy on Facebook or start planning your nights in here.

An expedition in adventure cruising

We are very excited to have jumped on board with Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic this month to kick start the calendar year!

This small ship expedition company treks all seven continents, with everything from chasing whales in Antarctica to diving with tortoises in Galapagos to feed the adventure hungry amongst us.  We’re all completely captivated by the National-Geographic footage of each destination– check out the Lindblad Expeditions site to learn more and feed your lust for travel.

A touch of the outback straight to your mobile

Looking for inspiration for your next Australian escape? We are thrilled to announce launching Voyages- Explore Uluru Instagram. You can expect spiritual, breathtaking shots of Uluru, Kata Tjuta, the Anangu people and an insight into local events.

Come and join us on our official Instagram and share your captured experiences by tagging #exploreuluru or @exploreuluru.

In the Know

  • App to watch: Whisper allows users to send messages anonymously and receive replies.
    Users post messages which are displayed as text superimposed over an image, similar to greeting cards.
  • Dating apps are popping up left right and centre, but the newest one called Delightful is a game changer. Instead of trying to help single people hook up, Delightful aims to help couples plan better dates by providing users with access to an array of pre-planned dates that can be arranged in as little as two hours. Users simply choose which date they want, pay via the app and Delightful does the rest. Once a date is booked, a concierge handles details like reserving a table, looking up directions and arranging a car service.
  • Instagram is growing faster than Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest combined - with Reddit and LinkedIn closely following behind. Read the full report here.

Five things we love about Alice

1. She loves a pun. From the daggy Dad ones to the downright witty. After all, the pun is mightier than the sword.

2. She lived in London for almost four years but managed to keep her accent in check.

3. If she likes it, she puts a filter on it. In fact this picture has been Mayfair-ed. Follow her on Instagram: @alicedodge

4. Did somebody say detox? Oh yes. She’s crawling to the end of Dry January but her liver thanks her for it. Alana, stop forgetting and offering her M&Ms….

5. You’ll know when she’s on the phone and she’s used to getting shushed.