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Fluid Transfer International Ltd.
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The Fluid Transfer Spring Rewind Bonding Reel provides electrical bonding between refuelling equipment, aircraft and fuel depot sites. An internally protected electrical contact is provided which ensures good reliable continuity between the mounting bracket and bonding cable, with a resistance value better than 0.5 Ohms.

A ratchet and pawl mechanism is used to restrain the automatic rewind system while the bonding cable is deployed. The ratchet and pawl mechanism requires no lubrication. Pulling and releasing the cable following deployment activates automatic rewind. The reel will then rewind at a controlled rate due to the glycerine viscous damping mechanism. Rewind spring life is also promoted by the viscous rewind damping mechanism. Positive locking of the reel is not required as the spring rewind retains the cable in the retracted position. A cable guide acts both to guide the cable into the reel and as a positive stop against a rubber ball fitted to the bonding cable.


Provides electrical bonding between refuelling equipment, aircraft and bulking sites.


Robust maintenance-free construction;
Stainless steel housing spring and centre pin.
Oilite bushings.
Aluminium alloy spring housing.
Zinc plated mild steel drum, cheek plate and mounting bracket
Damped rewind system prevents over-speed.
Ratchet / pawl contains spring tension during deployment.
Cable guide and rubber bump stop to reduce damage to cable.
Requires no lubrication.
Maximum resistance 0.50 ohms.


Standard unit comes complete with 36m copper braided, clear PVC covered cable with small brass clamp.

Cable Options

Low temperature (-19°C to -40°C).
High visibility cable with increased luminosity.

Clip Options

Large brass clamp
Plated clip


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