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May 2, 2013

In this issue:

> 2013 Sustainability Leaders Survey

> SustainAbility Becomes a Certified B Corporation

> Sustainable Brands

> Other News & Updates

2013 Sustainability Leaders Survey


Another year has passed and the results of the latest GlobeScan / SustainAbility opinion survey on leadership look startlingly similar with Unilever on top and Patagonia continuing its impressive rise in the eyes of our sustainability experts.

Dig a little deeper and we see another persistent, but worrying trend, of corporate leaders being ranked only just above national governments for their leadership on sustainability.  Joel Makower in his article on GreenBiz asks who is leading, if companies aren’t?

Download full results / Joel Makower on GreenBiz

SustainAbility Becomes a Certified B Corporation


We are proud to announce that SustainAbility has become only the third Certified B Corporation in the UK. We became a B Corp because our vision is a just and sustainable world for present and future generations, and our shareholders and team are as concerned about social and environmental impact as they are about financial returns. B Corp status is a truer reflection of our nature as an organisation than a for profit limited company.

As of January 2013, there is a growing community of more than 600 Certified B Corps from 20 countries and over 60 industries working together toward one unifying goal: to redefine success in business.

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Sustainable Brands


Join us at Sustainable Brands 2013, June 3-6 in San Diego, CA.  Sustainability, brand strategy and innovation leaders will convene to explore the sustainable brand Renaissance currently being set up, with incredible surges of new values, creativity and solutions.

Mark Lee will be opening, and the MC for, the June 4th plenary session and will be a panellist in the afternoon breakout session on consumer insights & behaviour change: meet the aspirationals

Lorraine Smith will be moderating an aspirationals workshop with Eric Whan of GlobeScan at Sustainable Brands Rio.

Receive 20% off registration at Sustainable Brands in San Diego when you use this code: NWsaSB13

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Other News & Updates

> Geoff Kendall will be chairing a panel session at this year’s Convergence Paris event hosted by GreenBiz Group

> Chris Guenther on the seven characteristics of a sustainable city

> Three things to do before next earth day