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Protect Me From What I Want


Three products every Thursday - that is our original promise. Though from time to time, we would like to deviate from the familiar (home cinema, outdoor grilling, etc), and propose alternative tools / assets / resources.

This week, I was thinking about paid courses, opportunity costs, and the ever-alluring promise of radical change...



Master the Kettlebell

Protect Me From What I Want


Ido Portal is perhaps the most outspoken proponent of "movement culture", though spinal waves and lizard walks aren't for everyone...

Curious about hip mobility, ankle flexibility, or proper posture? Check out these practitioners below -


Free content accessible via YouTube 

Roye Gold Madness

Protect Me From What I Want


Rickson Gracie is arguably the greatest BJJ martial artist of all time. I love this clip from the documentary "Choke" (1999), demonstrating his dedication to Pranayama, mobility, and even cold-water immersion. 

Like sufficient sleep, breathwork is such an underrated / essential tool for performance enhancement and overrall wellbeing...



Embrace the Cold

Bonus Round

My colleague @martinjeanra boasts the most hardcore CV out there - under "practiques sportives", he detailed Systema (fighting system popularised by Soviet Spetsnaz), as well as his recent completion of Nepal's Annapurna circuit, and Corsica's GR20 💪

Special thanks to Jean-Baptiste for these Systema gems

Check out @mcdojolife for a laugh


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