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Replace your old gas appliances and receive a grant!

Do you still have a natural gas heater that has known better days? Our advice? Replace it! After all, such an energy guzzler is guaranteed to push up your bills. Modern appliances consume a lot less. The new replacement grant gives you an extra reason to replace your old appliances. You will recoup your money even faster and heat up your house in a green, economical and comfortable manner. What are you waiting for? Go for it!

Why should you replace your old gas appliances?

A closer look at your electrical diagram

Is it all Greek to you? Still, it's worth trying to decipher the electrical diagram of your house. Do not wait until you need to carry out works or buy a new home. After all, the electrical diagram gives you a clear overview of your entire installation. It's also required for inspection and certification purposes.

How to read an electrical diagram?

A heat pump, also for apartments

Everyone wants to live sustainably. But is that even an option in an apartment block? You bet! In addition to solar panels, LED lamps and other solutions that make an apartment building more sustainable, you can also install a heat pump. A smart choice, both for the environment and for your wallet.

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Caution: CO danger!

Carbon monoxide is colourless, odourless and as a result, extremely dangerous. CO poisoning is often caused by faulty heating, which explains why there is a greater risk in the autumn.

How can I prevent CO poisoning?

DIY: how to bleed a radiator

Are your radiators making funny noises? Or maybe they don't heat up as fast as they used to? Then it's probably time to bleed them. You should do this every year as it will save you a lot on your energy bills!

Step by step: how to bleed a radiator

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