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August 12, 2023 - Special Edition - Volume 6 Number 10.

Understanding ALPR Technology and its Benefits to Juno Beach Law Enforcement

Many residents have expressed curiosity about the ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) cameras recently funded by the Police Foundation and installed at the entry roadways to our town. In this article, we aim to shed light on how ALPRs work and the valuable service they provide to law enforcement, not just in Juno Beach, but across Florida.

How ALPRs Work:

ALPR cameras are equipped with specialized software that automatically captures and reads license plate numbers of vehicles passing through their field of view. These cameras use optical character recognition (OCR) technology to convert the images of license plates into digital data, allowing them to be cross-referenced with databases containing information about vehicles and their owners.

Service to Law Enforcement:

The installation of ALPR cameras has proven to be a significant boon for our local police force. The cameras effectively monitor the flow of vehicles entering the town, and when a license plate matches one on the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) database, the system generates an "ALPR hit." This hit notifies law enforcement officers in real-time, enabling them to quickly respond to potential threats or vehicles of interest.

Types of Hits Received from the Database:

There are four primary types of ALPR hits received from the FDLE database:

Wanted Vehicles: When an ALPR camera identifies a vehicle associated with a wanted person, stolen vehicle, or any other outstanding criminal activity, it immediately alerts the police, helping to track down the vehicle and potentially apprehend the suspect.
Amber Alerts and Silver Alerts: ALPRs also aid in locating missing persons, especially in Amber Alert (child abduction) or Silver Alert (senior citizen) cases. If the missing person's vehicle is registered on the FDLE database, the ALPR cameras can help in locating and assisting the authorities in reuniting them with their loved ones.
Unregistered Vehicles/Unlicensed Operators: ALPR cameras also play a crucial role in enhancing law enforcement efforts by swiftly flagging unregistered vehicles and vehicles owned by unlicensed operators. These vehicles might otherwise go unnoticed. Unfortunately these vehicles can pose significant risks and challenges in the realm of insurance.

The ALPR technology complements traditional policing methods by providing a force-multiplier effect, enhancing law enforcement's ability to maintain public safety in our community. The system is designed to prioritize privacy, and the data collected is subject to strict security protocols to prevent unauthorized access.

Data Storage and Collaborative Investigation Efforts:

We understand that privacy concerns regarding ALPR data retention are essential. In Juno Beach, as per the established FDLE guidelines and regulations, the data captured by each ALPR camera is stored for a limited period. Typically, the data retention period is around 30 to 90 days. After this period, the captured information is automatically deleted from the system, ensuring that the data is not held indefinitely.

Regarding investigative capabilities, ALPRs play a crucial role in helping detectives solve cases and locate suspects or vehicles of interest. The captured data is not only valuable on a local level but can also be instrumental in collaborative efforts with law enforcement agencies across the state and even the nation.

When detectives are working on a case, they can access the ALPR database to inquire about specific license plate information. They can effectively look back at all the various ALPR cameras throughout the state or beyond, to track the movements of a particular vehicle. This feature enables law enforcement to reconstruct a vehicle's route and identify potential locations associated with a suspect or a missing person.

However, it's essential to emphasize that the access to ALPR data is strictly controlled and monitored to ensure compliance with the law and to protect individuals' privacy rights. Law enforcement agencies must adhere to specific protocols and obtain proper authorization, such as a search warrant or court order, to access ALPR data for investigations.

The collaborative nature of ALPR technology assists law enforcement agencies in sharing information, enhancing their ability to solve cases and locate suspects efficiently. It is a valuable tool that complements traditional investigative methods, providing an additional layer of support to law enforcement efforts.

Commitment to safeguarding privacy

As the Juno Beach Police Department continues to employ ALPR technology in the future, you can be assured that the agency will remain committed to safeguarding your privacy while utilizing this effective tool to maintain public safety and serve the community.

We hope this explanation has clarified the functionality and importance of ALPR cameras in Juno Beach. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to the Juno Beach Police Department.


The Annual Campaign of the Juno Beach Police Foundation began in December 2022 and continues well into 2023.

Incorporated in 2018, the Police Foundation has, with the support of the community, funded the purchase of numerous important items for the Juno Beach Police Department to help improve both their efficiency and community safety.

Grants from the Foundation to the Juno Beach Police Department well exceed $300,000. With your support and that of the overall Juno Beach community the Juno Beach Police Foundation will continue in its efforts in "Helping to enhance the safety of Juno Beach."

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