Helping to enhance the safety of Juno Beach

May 1, 2023 Volume 6 Number 5


The Juno Beach Police Foundation held its Annual Meeting on April 19th at the Ocean View United Methodist Church, which was hosted by Reverend Emily McGee, Police Chaplain, and Pastor of the church. The meeting provided an opportunity for the foundation to review its accomplishments over the past year, as well as to discuss its goals for the future.

During the meeting, the Board reelected four of its members whose terms had expired. The reelected members were recognized for their contributions to the foundation and their commitment to the community. The foundation also reappointed Major Paul Fertig as a member of the Foundation's Advisory Board.

The Treasurer provided a positive report on the financial status of the organization, stating that we were well within budget for the first quarter and that he did not anticipate any issues as the year progresses.

President Tom Murphy provided a report on the donations that have been received during the year and the grants that the foundation had provided to the Juno Beach Police Department. The foundation has been instrumental in providing financial support to the Department, which has helped in the purchase of new equipment, additional training, and modern technology for the agency.

The president also reported on the various community outreach events sponsored by the foundation. These events have helped in building a strong relationship between the Police Department and the community which help ensure that the community remains safe and secure.

The annual meeting is an important event for the foundation, as it provides an opportunity for members to come together and discuss ways to support the police department and improve the community. Overall, the meeting was a success, and attendees left feeling inspired and motivated to continue supporting the foundation's important work.


Have you heard of Coffee With a Cop? It's a super cool monthly event sponsored by the Police Foundation where community members and Police Officers come together and chat over a cup of coffee. No need to worry about formal speeches or boring agendas, this is just a fun and relaxed way to get to know each other and talk about any issues you may have. Plus, there are some yummy breakfast snacks provided by Gamin's Juno Beach Café!

Our next gathering is happening on Wednesday, May 3rd at 9:30 AM on the Town Center patio. We'd love to see you there! Come join us for some enjoyable conversation and maybe even a few laughs.


The utilization of License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras has proven to be a highly effective measure in aiding the Police Department's efforts in maintaining law and order. Thanks to the generous funding provided by the Police Foundation, two LPR cameras have been installed on both the north and south ends of US Highway 1. The advanced technology of these systems allows for the swift reading of vehicle license plates, which are then cross-referenced with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) database of flagged vehicle registrations. This has resulted in numerous traffic stops, citations, and a few arrests.

To further enhance the effectiveness of the LPR system, a third camera will soon be installed on the eastbound lanes of the Donald Ross bridge. This will allow for the monitoring of traffic entering the town from the west.

Overall, the LPR program has been a resounding success for the town, and the police foundation is pleased to have been able to fund this valuable tool.


During the recent meeting of the Foundation Board of Directors, Chief Smith presented two additional items that could greatly support police operations in the town.

The Chief requested the Foundation's consideration to fund the purchase of Automatic Electronic Defibrillators (AEDs) for the agency's new vehicles, which include a volunteer patrol car, beach patrol truck, a golf car for patrols around the Town Center, and an ATV for patrols in natural areas and on the beach (these vehicles were themselves funded by the Police Foundation). The Foundation had previously funded the acquisition of AEDs for the agency's existing police vehicles in 2018, and the Board was pleased to approve the Chief's request for additional devices.

In addition, Chief Smith explained to the Board an added item of law enforcement technology called "red dot sights." These sights are a common handgun enhancement that provides an illuminated red dot to the Officer as a point of aim. The illuminated dot remains in alignment with the weapon, regardless of the Officer's eye position, allowing for faster target acquisition, more efficiency, and a more accurate aim on the target and overall safety. Furthermore, red dot sights help officers maintain situational awareness and peripheral vision when aiming a weapon.

Given the potential benefits of red dot sights in terms of firearm discharge and safety, the Chief requested that the Police Foundation fund the purchase of these high-tech devices for each Officer. The objective is to increase the Officer's accuracy, reduce injuries to Officers and third parties, reduce the average number of shots fired, and assist in the de-escalation of confrontations between Officers and suspects. The Board approved the Chief's request in an ongoing effort to enhance the safety of both the Officers and citizens of Juno Beach.


Homeowners should remember to always lock their cars and remove their keys and key fobs from the car.

Chief Smith has frequently reminded citizens that throughout Palm Beach County as well as here in Juno Beach, many of the vehicles reported stolen have happened due to unlocked cars with keys or key fobs left inside.

Please take a few extra seconds to secure your vehicle and remove your keys or key fobs when you park your car... at home or anywhere!


The Annual Campaign of the Juno Beach Police Foundation began in December 2022 and continues well into 2023.

Incorporated in 2018, the Police Foundation has, with the support of the community, funded the purchase of numerous important items for the Juno Beach Police Department to help improve both their efficiency and community safety.

Grants from the Foundation to the Juno Beach Police Department well exceed $300,000. With your support and that of the overall Juno Beach community the Juno Beach Police Foundation will continue in its efforts in "Helping to enhance the safety of Juno Beach."

Upcoming Events:

Date Time Event
May 3 9:30 AM Coffee With A Cop (Sponsored by the Police Foundation)
May 11 9:00 AM Coaching the Mature Driver Course
@ The Waterford (Sponsored by the Police Foundation)
May 24 5:00 PM Police Awards Ceremony, Town Center
May 25 5:00 - 8:00 PM Juno Beach Food Truck Night

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