Rotocasting has been the molding process of choice since 1855 when metal artillery shells were produced in Britain. Since that time, various products from hollow wax objects to chocolate eggs and plastic doll heads have been rotationally molded. Today, plastics manufacturers are exhibiting new interest in rotocasting to cut production costs without reducing quality of hollow, lightweight molded parts.

Innovative Polymers manufactures a full line of polyurethanes that are ideal for building molds and end-parts via rotocasting. We also distribute silicone moldmaking materials, vacuum degassing equipment and compact rotocasting machines.

  • Rotomolding polyurethanesRotomolding polyurethanes - Innovative Polymers systems for rotational casting exhibit low viscosities and gel times long enough to coat mold surfaces evenly and completely thereby ensuring durable, high-quality parts.
  • Silicones for rotational moldmakingSilicones for rotational moldmaking - XT-493, a new high-tear strength, tin-catalyzed RTV silicone rubber, is ideal for casting polyurethane, polyester and epoxy parts.
  • Vacuum degassing equipmentVacuum degassing equipment - Innovative Polymers is now distributing a compact, mobile degassing unit. The VS-1000 system removes air from material in containers as large as five gallons. Read more…

Tech Tip

Silicone Glove Molding

The low-pressure rotocasting process today is seeing a resurgence in popularity fostered, in part, by the development of improved process controls and easier-to-handle plastics. Moldmaking methods have improved as well. Specifically, the combination of high-quality silicone rubbers with rigid polyurethane systems is yielding glove molds that facilitate both casting and demolding of one-piece hollow parts with severe undercuts, fine surface detail and/or threads and handles. Read more…

Case History

Advanced Dental and Orthopedic Models Built Using High-Performance Polyurethanes

Advanced Dental and Orthopedic Models Built Using High-Performance Polyurethanes Anatomical models built from computerized scans and data today are helping advance medical science in areas ranging from the education of physicians and dentists to surgical planning of complex procedures to new product introductions and visual aids for doctor use in explaining procedures to patients. Long-time supplier to the dental/medical market, Models Plus combines next-generation technologies and high-durability polyurethanes from Innovative Polymers to mold precision, "life-like" models quickly and cost-effectively. Read more…

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