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Zeal News  |  May 2012  |  01206 212898  |  zeal@zealdesign.co.uk www.zealdesign.co.uk


We thought you might be interested to see what we've been up to recently. If you like what you see please don't hesitate to get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!

We use effective design, photography and strategy to connect businesses and brands with their customers...

August brand, website and communications

We created a new brand identity and unique website for innovation catalysts, August
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The Sports Window logo design

Zeal were recently approached by The Sports Window to design a logo for their new sport-focussed social networking website.
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Liberty website design and development

Liberty required a more effective on-line presence and asked Zeal to design and develop their new website.
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Latest testimonial

"Zeal has facilitated our shift from an outputs driven approach to a more outcomes driven delivery, mixing both our experience in creativity and design with our business and new venture creation expertise.

Feedback from our clients is very encouraging and the new branding and website is much more in keeping with the services we provide."

Principal Consultant, August

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Zeal photography


Engaging photography creates context and plays a vital role in building the overall visual language.

Unique images also help you to stand apart from your competition and create trust and recognition for your brand.

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Branding & Communications

It’s all about positioning, strategy and design.

Our specialities in this area include:

  • Logo, type and colour palette
  • Brand identity guidelines
  • Stationery & printed literature
  • Effective marketing materials
  • Exhibition collateral

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We design and build effective, good-looking, functional websites.

Our offers include:

  • Content-managed websites
  • Hosting and support
  • On-screen presentations
  • HTML email templates

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Great things happen as a result of collaboration so we always work closely with our clients.

How can we help you?

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Whether you're an established company looking for a refreshing change or a start-up business looking for a brand new identity, we'll work with you to help build your brand. We're here for all your creative needs.

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