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On behalf of our team, we send you our very best wishes this holiday season.

The new year is a good time for reflection of past achievements and planning for the challenges that lie ahead. So we've revisited a selection of our projects and popular pieces from the past year to stimulate those thoughts. As always we encourage and welcome
your feedback.

Articles, reports & activities from 2013
Accelerating 'Extended Leadership' on Sustainability

As asserted by Changing Tack, leading global companies have the imperative to demonstrate 'extended leadership', focusing their own strategy on sustainability while extending influence to reshaping larger systems.

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Companies Turn the Spotlight on Investors

Companies must align sustainability efforts with core business strategy and take this message to investors so they can better integrate environmental and social considerations into their investment decision-making.

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Surveying the Experts

On the heels of the recent GlobeScan / SustainAbility Issues Survey, Challenges, Performance and Accountability, the latest ratings survey and the 20th edition of the Sustainability Leaders will be forthcoming in 2014.

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What's on our Radar?

Radar, our new quarterly digital publication, launched in October featuring a mix of the best thinking from our research and blog, insights from our clients, interviews with our network, trends analysis and more.

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Intersecting Business Model Innovation and Sustainability

Stay tuned for an expanded discussion on how companies are creating novel forms of exchange in their value chain thus enabling them to respect environmental limits while fulfilling social requirements.

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Six Elements of Effective Transparency

The increasing number of transparency initiatives represents a tremendous opportunity for business, the environment, and society at-large if these six key elements are done right.

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Why Cities Will Lead

Cities not only represent smaller systems within which to enact change, but by their nature, they also offer the best means to rapidly develop, test and replicate sustainability solutions globally.

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Collaborating for the Win

Companies must better understand the barriers and roadblocks that prevent collaboration from starting or scaling, and the transferable lessons learned from efforts that get it just right.

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SustainAbility is Now a Certified B Corporation

This year saw SustainAbility became a certified B Corp. It was also a big year for the B Corp movement and we interviewed B Corp founder Bart Houlihan about the historic Delaware legisilation that was passed in August. 

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See How We Can Help You in Your Sustainability Journey...

Check out our recently updated case studies to see how we've helped our clients, Nike Inc, FSC, Nestlé, Barclays and Brown-Forman, on their sustainability journeys and how we could do the same for you.

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The 2013 Issues Survey Out Now

Challenges, Performance & Accountability

Our latest issues survey asks experts to consider which issues are most urgent, how industries are responding, and who is most accountable.

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Ten Trends for 2013

Throughout the run up to the holidays we've been publishing our list of what's been hot and what's not in 2013.

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