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Welcome back to Fabulous Finn...


What a fantastic month we have lined up with so many new products and foods beginning to hit our shelves! This time of year is our favourite as we get ready for our busiest season and the lead up to the C- word!

True Instinct Freeze dried…

Internationally best selling raw and natural pet food company Natures Menu have finally launched their much anticipated range of freeze dried dog foods​ and treats,and Scampers are the very first store in the UK to put them on the shelf.

Freeze drying is quite simply the perfect way to preserve all the nutrients and natural integrity of raw foods. We have been trialling True Instinct freeze dried complete dinners with Rooster (our Frenchie) for more than 3 months and as well as being so much more convenient than raw foods he looks great and he loves it! 

Tribal Pet foods…

Scampers have recommended Tribal dog treats for many years as we really love the quality and simplicity of their ingredients.  Tribal have just launched their brand new food ranges and introduced a new single protein meat source range of sausages. Tribal dry foods are all grain free and are made using cold pressing and are therefore an ideal alternative for dogs that do better on grain free but still want all the benefits of a cold pressed dog food. COMING SOON

Give a dog a carrot…?

Veganism has been gathering pace throughout the World as many people decide not to eat anything other than plant based foods whether for welfare or environmental reasons. The vegan movement has now led many people to reconsider what they feed to their pets as well as themselves. Scampers philosophy on feeding dogs and cats has never waivered and we would still argue that dogs and cats should be fed a fresh and varied, low processed diet based on meat. We have however, been looking at vegan dog foods for some time. We believe we have found one that ticks all the nutrient and amino acid profiles required. Gather Endless Valley vegan dog food is now available at Scampers.


Gather Endless Valley is made by top Canadian pet food manufacturer PetCurean and along with Gather we are thrilled to have added their ranges of NOW Fresh for dogs and cats to our selection of honest natural pet foods.

Fabulous Finn takes the biscuit…

We are delighted to announce that the Fabulous Finn and his lovely family are coming back to Scampers on Saturday, November 2nd to help us launch the brand new, Scampers Doggy Deli!

Finn and Dave will be here from 11am to around 3pm, so if you want to meet the most fabulous dog in Britain (or in our opinion The World) and get a photo or get your copy of Finn's book signed, this is your opportunity😊

Our brand new Doggy Deli will be open for business on the same day and your dogs are going to LOVE it! Everything from pup cakes, savoury snacks, beautiful sweet treats and celebration cakes. All the treats and snacks are made especially for dogs and only contain great natural ingredients, in fact we have tasted most of them ourselves!

Fright nights…

The firework season is fast approaching and now is the time to start getting ready. Scampers have many excellent support ideas for pets who are afraid of fireworks so please pop in and ask about ways to help your dogs and cats. The brand new Relaxopet Pro may be just the product to help with calming your pets so please scroll down and take a look at these and some of the other new products we have added. Remember you can keep fully up to date with everything new via our social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our news section on our website.


We look forward to seeing you and lovely pets in store soon!


Piers, Michelle, Rooster, Sardine and the whole Scampers team


Latest updates

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True Instinct Freeze-Dried 100% Meat Treats

A UK-first, True Instinct’s revolutionary Freeze-Dried 100% treat range combines all the goodness of raw creating a highly nutritious, intensely flavourful, 100% natural treat your dog can enjoy right from the pack.  No thawing required.  


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Tribal Grain Free Dog Food

We are delighted to welcome another great pet food brand to Scampers. We have sold and recommended Tribal treats for dogs for many years and have always loved their honesty about ingredients which are all good and contain none of the nasties found in many BIG PET FOOD treats and foods.  COMING SOON.

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NOW Fresh Cat Food

It could only be fresher if you made it yourself!




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Vegan Dog Food - Gather Endless Valley

Scampers philosophy on feeding dogs and cats has never waivered and we believe that dogs and cats should be fed a fresh and varied, low processed diet and predominantly based on meat.

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NOW Fresh Dog Food

Discover the Petcurean Difference.  So many pet food brands to choose from. So many questions that need answering, and so much to learn, so much to learn. Yup, choosing exactly the right food for your dog can be challenging. We get it.

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The Dog Deli, Savoury & Sweet Treats

The chief testers at Scampers went bonkers when they were asked to test these yummy treats, to be honest so did I.  The truffles, oh the truffles!!!
Coming soon to Scampers.


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Relaxopet PRO for Cats

Many cat owners know the problem that their faithful companion, despite good education and training in stressful situations is simply overwhelmed and shows unwanted behavioural problems.  Coming Soon

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Relaxopet PRO, World's first deep relaxation system

Many pet owners know the problem that their faithful companion, despite good education and training in stressful situations is simply overwhelmed and shows unwanted behavioural problems.  Coming Soon

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Earth Animal No-Hide Dog Chews

No-Hide dog chews, digestible, delicious, durable.  The natural alternative to rawhide. Coming soon.

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Choca-doodle Grooming

Doodles smelling of chocolate… what could be better?  


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