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Dear colleague,

March is great month to focus on Global citizenship. At 8.30pm on 19 March we are encouraged to switch off the lights for Earth Hour. On 21 March we celebrate Harmony Day and on 22 March we turn our attention to World Water Day.

The Australian Learning Lecture (ALL) is looking for case studies in which schools use data to improve student learning. They would love to hear from you if you're active in this area. ALL addresses the big ideas in education and the ways in which approaches to learning can attend to them. Find out more below.

Earth Hour / Harmony Day / World Water Day

Is your school using data to inspire learning?

ALL (Australian Learning Lecture) is a project designed to draw attention to the big ideas in education and to strengthen the importance of learning in Australia to all Australians.

The project uses a keynote lecture as a catalyst for driving conversation on different ideas. The first lecture in the series looks at Joy and Data. An odd combination perhaps, but it serves to highlight how using data in positive and constructive ways can motivate teachers and students.

The project is looking for subjects to be case studies – schools and teachers who are using data successfully to inspire student learning and engagement.

Data does not have to be technology driven, so data (or information) can take a myriad of forms - sticky notes, data walls etc.  The main point is to tell a story about learning which is supported by evidence or information.

Are you or do you know a school or a teacher who is using data to improve areas including: literacy, intercultural understanding, critical thinking, creativity, communication or citizenship?

Please contact Eleanor Bridger

Creatures of the Coral Reef

Early Years

Meet the creatures of the coral reef
Take a few minutes to travel under the sea to watch how Crown-of-thorns starfish feed on coral polyps. You can also find out why pressure increases the deeper underwater you go.

Water Scarcity

Middle Years

Water scarcity

How much water do you use every day? This digibook uses tables and videos to explain why fresh water is in increasingly short supply and suggests ways students can reduce their 'water footprint'.

Time to act on Climate Change

Upper Years

Time to act on climate change
This video provides concise explanations of the causes, effects and challenges of climate change. Craig Reid from CoralWatch outlines the meaning of 350 PPM and the consequences of exceeding it.

Learning Path - March 2016

Learning Path

What's New in Scootle?
This learning path features some of the great new resources that have been added to Scootle during the past month. Learning areas include: Science, Sustainability, Mathematics, Geography, English and History.

Watch This - Earth Hour

Watch This

The Earth Hour home page features two inspiring videos. Near the top of the page you will find A Love Letter to Nature, which supports this year's Earth Hour theme - Switch off for the Places We Love. Scroll down a little and find Earth Hour Global: 2016 Music Video.

Harmony Day mobile app

Mobile Apps

Harmony Day
Learn all about Harmony Day with the Australian Government's Harmony Day tablet app. There is both an iTunes version and an Android version, via Google Play.


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