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Auction of FM sound broadcasting spectrum licence

Radio Spectrum Management has announced details for the auction of one FM sound broadcasting spectrum licence following an expression of interest process.

Auction 16 will be managed by Skylarc with the licences sold on the Trade Me website. The auction will start on 15 October 2018 and run for seven days until 22 October 2018.

The term of the licence is valid until 2 April 2031 provided the successful party meets the implementation criteria.

List of licences for auction

Read more about Skylarc

Update on the prohibition of unrestricted two-way radios

In August, we mentioned creating a prohibition notice for unrestricted two-way radios. This was to limit the availability to the general public for radios that don’t meet the Radio Standards. 

The prohibition notice is ready to gazette and will come into effect on 18 October 2018. 

The notice will affect the supply of two-way radios like Baofeng, Pofung and Wouxun to the amateur market, but not equipment factory locked to the Amateur bands.

Amateur radio operators or suppliers need to hold a 'Licence to supply radio transmitters' to import and supply this equipment.  When you’ve received your Licence to supply number, email us at supply@rsm.govt.nz. We’ll add special conditions to your licence to allow the import and supply of this equipment.  You’ll need to supply us monthly returns of your imports and sales, including nil returns.

Application for licence to supply radio transmitters - Individual

Application for licence to supply radio transmitters - Organisation