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The Potter's Village - Newsletter

Welcome to the latest issue of the Potter's Village Newsletter.

Issue 2. 2021

In this Issue

FOPV - Virtual Celebration morning
Fundraising - 15 years of Hope & Growth
Weighing in
Help for mothers
New babies
Children moving on
Building Work
Clothes for PV
Staff Roles UK
Please pray for us

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FOPV - Virtual Celebration morning

Friends of Potter's Village are holding a Virtual Celebration Morning on Saturday 18th September 2021.

The Trustees decided this year would have to be a virtual gathering due to the ongoing risks of Coronavirus, but this event will be a fantastic way for us to join together to celebrate the wonderful work happening in Kisoro. 

Please put the date in your diary. We will have further information regarding timings and how to join the event in the next newsletter and on our website in due course.

Fundraising - 15 years of Hope & Growth

Hope for Growth - Giving children a hope filled future

On the virtual Celebration Day we are going to be launching a Fundraising campaign, to raise £15,000 towards the funding of the Child Crisis centre. It is 15 years since the building work began in Kisoro to build the Child Crisis Centre and we would like to celebrate those incredible years as well as raise money to support the next 15 years. 

Over the coming months we will be updating our website and Facebook page as well as setting up a Just Giving page for this appeal and we hope you can all join us in this challenge.

In the six weeks after our Celebration morning we would like to challenge you to take part in the fundraising.  Please see our website and Facebook page for more details or contact the UK Office

Weighing in

All of the children Potter's Village supports in the community are checked as regularly as possible by our Social work and Medical teams to ensure they are in the best health.  

Many of the children are brought to Potter's Village monthly to receive their financial support and they are weighed and assessed for any health needs.   This is one of our community support children being weighed

Help for mothers

There has been better treatment for the mothers with psychiatric illnesse and we thank God that they are improving greatly.

The mother to one Laban Niyonkuru has improved greatly and was given back the baby at the age of 1 year. She is now able to give good care to the baby.

The mother to Medius is also stable as she came to check on her baby who is still residing here. She was able to recognize her baby and we believe she will soon be stable enough and we give her back the baby.


New babies

Aurelia, Darrens and Immanuel were brought to Potters Village because they lost their mothers soon after birth.  They are all doing well and will be re-settled with family members once they are ready. 

Medius was admitted to Potters Village in Feb this year at 4 months old.  Her Mother is a psychiatric patient and although she is still very unwell she is now visiting and taking an interest in Medius. We hope to re-settle to her paternal Grandmother. 

Lilian was a month old when she was brought to Potters Village.  Her mother is a Rwandan lady who abandoned Lilian with a very old grandmother and disappeared.  The police believe the Mother is suffering from a mental illness and they are still searching for her.

Sarah was also abandoned and came to Potters Village in March. Sarah was found buried in a garden, covered with soil, but surprisingly still breathing. She was rushed to Potters Village by the police.  God is a miracle worker; this child survived and is now developing well although due to her traumatic experience Dr Nicci thinks she may have lost her sight. 

Maureen lost her mother after a c-section operation that did not heal.  She is currently 8 months old and will be re-settled with an Aunt when she is 1. 

Bonate despite being re-settled with a paternal aunt earlier this year, has recently been re-admitted to Potter's Village with malnutirtion and sickness.  The team are doing all they can to help her get better and put on weight. We are unsure when she will be fit enough to return to her family.

Children moving on

Emmanuel has been placed into a foster home near the Congo border. Emmanuel has grown big, the only challenge now is that he should be walking, but he is not managing it because of his size. He has been advised to be coming for physiotherapy to Potter’s Village to teach the caregiver how to help him do some exercise.”  

Ingabire was admitted because the mother was very sick at Kisoro hospital, the child has no other close relative and was very malnourished. He was 18 months but only weighed 6kg. Both Ignabire and her mother are doing well and are back home on community support. 

Laban is a cheerful and bubbly little boy.  When at Potters he was always happy when there was music and he loved to clap along.  He has recently been re-settled to live with his mother. 

Sandra is about 10 months old and has recently been re-settled with her paternal aunt.  Sandra is growing well and is healthy.  

Mary was re-setted in February this year to her maternal Aunt.  The Aunt works at Kisoro hospital and can fully care for Mary.  She no longer needs the support of Potter's Village. 

Building Work

In our February newsletter we told you about the renovation of the staff canteen and the completion of the perimeter wall of Potters Village.  We were blessed to receive donations to complete both of these projects and work has now started on building a nurses changing room. 

This is really important for our Medical Centre team and more so in these times of COVID-19.  It is so important that staff have access to hygienic changing and washing facilities.  The changing rooms are still under construction but they hope to complete them soon.

Clothes for PV

We are very grateful to all those who make and send out clothes to Potters.  Here is a picture of Winniefred (Social Worker) handing out clothes to some of our community support children.  Many thanks for your ongoing support.



Staff Roles UK

Ruth has returned to work after her maternity leave and is now job sharing with Rosie to cover the administrative and fundraising work of Friends of Potter's Village.  Both Ruth and Rosie work part-time..

Please still use pottersuk@gmail.com to contact either of them.  Thank you. 


The pigs are doing well and Potter’s Village currently have 5 pigs of which one is expected to deliver next month in June and another around August.

The mother cow we had was sold. We now have the calf it left behind. We are searching for another cow to purchase of better breed than the one we had before.





Please pray for us

We thank God

  • For the children and staff who have remained free from Covid-19. For the recovery of the staff member who has had Covid
  • That Dr Nicci came back and now the Clinical officers are relieved and our clients are satisfied when they find a Doctor. 
  • There is a big improvement in the health of the mothers who have psychiatric illnesses.
  • The committment of the PV staff to their work.
  • For the building work on the nurses changing room

Please pray

  • That we continue to find funding and support so that we can continue to save the lives of those who need us the most
  • That we remain safe and free from the Covid-19.
  • For strength, wisdom and compassion for all staff, at Potter’s Village, and particularly for the Rehab Centre whilst Janie (physiotherapist) is away
  • For Janie to be able to return to Potter’s Village soon.
  • The health of children and staff at Potter’s Village.
  • For unity amongst the staff.
  • For Idah (Administrator) and Board of Governors as they manage Potter’s Village
  • Friends of Potter’s Village, that they will continue to have sufficient income and for good stewardship of donated funds.
  • For the FOPV virtual Celebration morning, that it will be sucessful and enjoyable event, helping to bring community to supporters of FOPV
  • For the fundraising appeal in the Autumn.