Premier Mounts Introduces the Industry’s First GAPit™ Gauge
Video Wall Damage Avoidance Tool

Go/No Go Gauge measures critical spacing between video wall displays to avoid costly repairs and replacement

Fullerton, CA (June 11, 2014) – Premier Mounts® announces the industry’s first video wall gap measuring device with the GAPit Gauge. This invaluable new inspection tool protects against costly damage when weight is transferred to the sensitive ultra-thin bezels of displays in video wall installations. This damage will result in image quality degradation, and costly repairs and replacement if the recommended gap specification of .050” is not maintained vertically and horizontally. Therefore it is recommended as a final step in the installation process to use the GAPit to inspect and precisely measure the gap between displays with a simple swipe, and adjust the gap if needed. Also, routine inspections of the display gaps with the GAPit tool will help preserve the lifespan of the displays.

“Installers battle a variety of alignment challenges in video wall installations,” states Rich Pierro, co-CEO, Premier Mounts. “The ultra-narrow bezel displays get damaged from weight transfer into neighboring displays.  This happens during installation and alignment, from uncontrollable structural movements, and from thermal expansion.  When this happens, damage that occurs to displays will affect the visual experience and lead to costly maintenance or replacement. Our clients asked Premier Mounts for a reliable tool that quickly measures the recommended gap, so we created the GAPit.”


Go/No Go Gauge Protects Display Clarity
As a go/no-go gauge, the GAPit determines whether a gap is either acceptable or unacceptable (rejected), and adjustments must be made. Allowing for a recommended .050” specification between ultra-thin bezels, the GAPit gauge will assist installers in maintaining the gap during installation and during periodic inspections to maintain and prolong video wall display performance.

Designed with Accessibility in Mind
The GAPit is designed for ultimate convenience and protection in mind. An integrated keychain hole and high-bright safety orange keeps it handy on your tool belt or visible in your tool pouch. The key design also provides easy handling for a simple swipe of the video display gap to measure for ultimate display protection.

POM Material Provides Ultra-Thin Bezel Protection with Strength
The GAPit is made of Polyoxymethylene, also known as POM, which is an engineering thermoplastic known for high stiffness, low friction and excellent stability. POM also has a low coefficient of friction, which makes it glide very easily between the ultra-thin bezels without marring or damaging the panels. It also holds a high abrasion resistance to protect from wear and tear.

About Premier Mounts

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