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Alcohol licence application public notices now on our website

Glasses of wine

Public notices of alcohol licence applications are now published online on our website, making them easier to access and cheaper in almost every case for the applicant.

Our charge for an online public notice is $100, which in most cases will be significantly less than the charge an applicant would pay if advertising through a newspaper.

If an applicant would like their notice published in the newspaper instead of our website, please let us know at the time of applying.

Each notice will remain on the website for 15 working days, allowing people in our community to remain up to date and informed about alcohol licence applications.

The process for objecting to a licence application will remain the same. Send us your written objection within 15 working days of the public notice being published. Write to:

The Secretary
Thames Coromandel District – District Licensing Committee
Private Bag 1001
Thames 3540

Or, email:
The Secretary, District Licensing Committee

More details are on our web page www.tcdc.govt.nz/howtoobject.