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It's been a wonderful ride,

It was back in late 2007 that we started developing concepts and designs for the application that would become Vyoopoint. Built from a passion to solve a particular business issue we had at the time, Vyoopoint was the system that was going to make our lives easier, as a tool to help navigate our clients through the design/review/approval process associated with developing visual creative work. And it did, for many years after a public launch Vyoopoint was the hub of our creative process. 

Unfortunately as a business it never got the attention it deserved or needed to make it sustainable, so as of May 30th, 2016 we’re going to be closing down Vyoopoint. A lesson well learned in this modern era of online businesses that permeates everything we do at as we develop applications and tools for ourselves and our clients.

We have stopped billing anyone who was on a paying plan since Oct/Nov of 2015 so if you are still utilizing it, it’s not costing you anything. We will not be saving all the files that have been uploaded into the system so please just grab whatever you want to keep and make a local copy on your computer.

We’re extremely grateful for everyone who enjoyed the service and closer to the shut down date we’re going to send out another email with some optional services that you might want to consider to replace what Vyoopoint has done for you up to now.

Questions, concerns or commiserations can be sent to and we will get back to you as time permits.


Dickon Kent, Founder Vyoopoint