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Future Unfolding #2


Two weeks ago we showcased Future Unfolding at the Mild Rumpus exhibition during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. During a super-hectic conference week, the Mild Rumpus booth offered a space of tranquillity and Future Unfolding worked great in this relaxing setup.

We worked hard to finish a build with new content and gameplay improvements. Being there and seeing that people really got the game was extremely rewarding for us.

People played long sessions. For one of the first time we felt that Future Unfolding gives players the kind of exploration experience that we were after.

With many talented game designers around, we also got a lot of great feedback and had design discussions on how to further improve the game. One of the things I love about GDC is that you can talk to almost anyone at least for a few minutes, including the people you highly respect and look up to.

Another yearly highlight for us was to play the nominated IGF games. If you're into indie games you should check out all the nominees.

Some games that we enjoyed this year were the amazing Metamorphabet by Patrick Smith (aka Vectorpark) aptly subtitled An Alphabet For All Ages, hacker-love story else Heart.Break() by our friend Erik Svedäng and his team, and the insane audio-visual ride that is Thumper

Until next month,
– Andreas, Mattias & Marek