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On a recent trip to explore an 8km-deep ocean trench off the coast of South America, scientists discovered three new species of “snailfish”. The fish are specially-adapted for life in the deepest parts of the ocean, and cannot travel far from their native trench, and yet fish from the same family are found in entirely isolated trenches on the other side of the world. Deep sea explorers Thomas Linley and Alan Jamieson wonder how their unusual discovery has managed to inhabit ocean trenches throughout the world.

There is a pervasive myth that healthy foods are much more expensive than unhealthy foods. But they’re only more expensive if you live on chia-seed smoothies and heritage tomatoes, says Charlie Middleton. Most healthy foods – like lentils, carrots and potatoes – are cheap as chips.

Heroin addicts have been receiving free anti-overdose kits in Scotland since 2011, and more recently in Norway, Canada and elsewhere in the UK. Yet people aren’t carrying the kits and drug death rates around the UK are rising sharply. New research from Andrew McAuley and Liz Aston appears to have uncovered an explanation.

It’s tactical, and good for your brain. Now chess is being taken up in prisons. Rosie Meek, who recently concluded a review of sport and physical activity in UK prisons, explains the benefits that chess clubs and other such meaningful activities can have for offenders.

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Inside a snailfish. Newcastle University / Natural History Museum, London

Snailfish: how we found a new species in one of the ocean’s deepest places

Thomas Linley, Newcastle University; Alan Jamieson, Newcastle University

These 'snailfish' look too fragile to exist several miles below the waves.


Myth: healthy food is more expensive than unhealthy food

Charlie Middleton, University of Dundee

Healthy food isn't just about organic food and so-called superfoods.

Naloxone counteracts the effects of an overdose. Ethypharm

Fear of police stop and search can deter opioid users from carrying anti-overdose kits

Andrew McAuley, Glasgow Caledonian University; Liz Aston, Edinburgh Napier University

Naloxone programmes have sprung up in the UK and elsewhere, but drug death rates keep climbing.


The benefits of prison chess clubs

Rosie Meek, Royal Holloway

Games such as chess should be a welcome addition to the activities available for prisoners.

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