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Edge Network Solutions

Edge Network Solutions have been developed by Westermo to meet the demands of mission critical networks. WeOS software, robust hardware, industry approvals and network tools are the cornerstones of Edge Network Solutions and when combined they create the most resilient and robust solutions for any mission critical network.

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Westermo increases the number of Certified Engineers in the US

“The certified training courses are an excellent way of improving the skillset of our sales engineers. Mikael is a great instructor. He not only provided our team with a huge amount of useful technical information, but also reconfirmed our confidence in the products and support offered by Westermo.” – Bob Gross, President and CEO of Gross Automation.

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Are you interested in becoming a Westermo Certified Engineer?

You can participate in a Westermo training course or host an event at your own facility. Register for a forthcoming course at Westermo Certified Engineer Training

Westermo seeks 50 new employees as part of global development programme

As part of a major development programme Westermo is beginning the search for 50 new employees to help drive the company forward in the global market. 

“As an organisation, Westermo is very open to new ideas and it looks for its employees to be innovative and creative. As a result, we are very committed to our work, which contributes to the success of the company” - Anne-Li Hallblad, HR manager at Westermo

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