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This is how you extend the life of your bike battery

Sales of e-bikes continue to peak. Hardly surprising! After all, an electric bike is a good investment. But the short battery life can often be annoying. Replacing such a bike battery can prove very expensive. With a few simple tricks, you can help it last a lot longer...

How do I extend the life of my bike battery?

How to choose the right outdoor lighting?

Light on the terrace, in the garden and around the house. Fantastic, isn’t it? Lighting not only ensures greater safety and comfort, it also allows you to spend more time outside on warm summer evenings. Which outdoor lights should you go for? How do you keep things safe? And above all, does it have a major impact on the electricity bill?

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Sun blinds: no superfluous luxury

The temperatures have risen a lot during the past few weeks. And the summer months have only just arrived! No air conditioning? You can keep things pleasantly cool in the house with effective blinds. When choosing blinds, you should take a number of important points into account.

How to find the right sun blinds?

Tips to prevent standby power use

You may not realise it, but everywhere in the house there are electronics that consume power throughout the day. Even when those devices are not actually working. Every year, for example, the five largest power consumers take a hefty bite out of your energy budget. High time for action!

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