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How much do tech firms know about you? They’ve probably got a good idea about your interests, your relationships, your frequent haunts, your health and your financial status. And that’s gathered just from your smartphone use and internet searches. Now imagine they knew what you were thinking.

Facebook and Elon Musk’s Neuralink are just two of the Silicon Valley firms that want to connect your brain to your devices. Facebook recently made a breakthrough in technology that could allow you to type just by thinking. And Neuralink is hoping to plug you in directly with a brain implant.

Being able to control computers with your mind could provide a productivity boost. How much quicker would you work if you didn’t have to faff about with touch screens and track pads? But you could be giving away a lot more in the process.

Silicon Valley firms have a history of keeping us in the dark about what data they’re extracting from us, who’s accessing it and what they do with it. What starts with instructions to computers could one day include our most personal memories, beliefs and desires. And, writes Garfield Benjamin, the dangers of technology that’s connected to our brains are only set to increase as it advances.

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